Take the Virtual DXi V5000 Software for a Test Drive

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The need for affordable high-capacity storage grows every year, which is why Quantum continues to produce DXi deduplication appliances and software with blazing fast ingest rates and huge capacities. But most large companies also have smaller sites that don’t need a monster storage solution of their own – and may even have excess virtual server and storage capacity sitting idle. For these sites – or any office with limited storage needs– Quantum offers virtual DXi deduplication appliances that you run on your own servers and scale to your own needs (for the soon-to-be-released V5000 that means from 20 TB to 5 PB of logical storage).

These virtual DXi appliances have all the main capabilities of their hardware relatives, including the ability to replicate data in either direction with other DXi appliances whether virtual or physical; or with AWS S3 Glacier Storage; or a Quantum ActiveScale server via S3 Cold Storage.

Try Out the Free V5000 Trial Version

Quantum just released the first test iteration of the V5000 – the V5000 Trial version — available for free here . This is a test system (the full GA version will be out this summer) that you can install and test out for up to 8 months and see how well this product can work for you. It’s not rated for production data and only scales to 1 TB of native storage, but you can use it to test out ways to install and utilize the V5000 full version coming in the summer. And the real shocker – when the full V5000 becomes available, the first 5 TB of storage you apply, which means up to 40 TB of logical data, is absolutely free without an expiration.

So, you can download the V5000 Trial version to test your hardware solution now and get a feel for the award-winning DXi technology in preparation for the true V5000 available this summer. The bottom line is that whatever your storage needs are, large or small, Quantum has a DXi answer.

About DXi Software

Quantum DXi software is fast and simple to download and deployable within minutes. For disaster recovery and ransomware protection, it includes the power and flexibility of target-based deduplication, instant encrypted replication that can send data to any other virtual or physical DXi appliances. The Secure Snapshot feature enables you to defend against cyberattacks, keeping data immutable. Quantum DXi integrates seamlessly into your environment and is compatible with leading backup software.

Try Out the V5000 Trial Version Now

Download the Trial Version Here

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