Comprehensive Data Protection to Strengthen Cybersecurity and Reduce Business Risk


In today’s IT environments, ransomware is unfortunately a big business risk with global losses exceeding 10’s of billions of dollars annually. The impact on businesses is real, including the cost of paid ransoms, revenue loss, damage to the brand, and even job losses in the wake of an attack. Even with best efforts to prevent ransomware, it is an unfortunate truth that IT professionals must plan for the day when ransomware gets in. This is one reason why, here at Quantum, we are maniacal about data protection and recovery.

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A well-known best practice to protect your environment from ransomware is the 3-2-1-1 strategy; that is, three copies of your data on two independent storage mediums with one copy offsite and one copy offline. Here at Quantum, we strongly endorse this strategy in our work with our resellers, customers, and prospects on data protection and ransomware recovery projects. And we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities in this area.

Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina

So, without further ado, we are excited to introduce Quantum validated solution bundles for Atempo Tina. These new offerings from Quantum are architected to simplify the design, purchasing, deployment and management of backup infrastructure in conformance with 3-2-1-1 best practices. The solution bundles combine Atempo Tina backup and recovery software (sourced from Quantum), a Quantum media server, and Quantum secondary storage products to meet a wide variety of data protection, ransomware recovery, and disaster recovery needs. Key features include the abilities to:

  • Centrally manage backup sources, targets, scheduling, and recovery
  • Simply protect VMs, databases, bare metal servers, NAS resources, and Microsoft 365
  • Create immutable, air-gapped, offsite copies to protect against ransomware and disasters
  • Easily recover data with fast, intuitive granular restores
  • Support Quantum DXi , ActiveScale , and Scalar backup targets and feature sets
    (plus 3rd party storage and public cloud targets)
  • Simplify procurement and support from a single vendor through Quantum

Quantum Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina

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Unique Software Licensing Simplifies Management and Reduces Cost

One valuable aspect of the solution bundles worth highlighting is our unique Atempo Tina software licensing model that results in lower management overhead and lower overall cost. In contrast to legacy backup software pricing, Quantum provides an all-inclusive Atempo Tina software license, based exclusively on the backup target capacity of the accompanying Quantum storage targets (DXi , ActiveScale , Scalar ).  Moreover, with DXi and Scalar targets, deduplication and compression come into play with the potential to reduce backup storage requirements significantly, resulting in even further savings. All in, our pricing model effectively results in a flat, predictable cost, scaled to your backup storage requirements, irrespective of the number of servers, VMs, application agents, end users, or CPU cores in your environment.

With our validated solution bundles, you have the resources you need to simply and confidently backup your entire virtualized infrastructure, databases, bare metal servers, NAS devices, and your entire Microsoft 365 environment (including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams).

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Immutability and Air Gapping

As we started our discussion on the topic of ransomware, we should consider immutability and air gapping. Net-net, Quantum’s complete secondary storage portfolio (DXi, ActiveScale, and Scalar tape) supports immutable backup copies. In addition, to achieve fully offline data copies, it’s important to consider that tape media is the lowest cost, most durable medium for offline copies, and as such, has seen a bit of a renaissance as the data copy of last resort. Further, Scalar tape libraries are the industry’s most secure solution with their exclusive Ransom Block capability.

So, in closing, here are some of the key benefits of Quantum Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina:

  • Fully validated, end-to-end solutions tailored to your IT environment
  • Reduced TCO with an all-inclusive, target capacity-based software licensing model
  • Advanced integration for greater security, cyber resilience, and storage efficiency
  • Simple procurement and support from a single vendor

Here at Quantum, we invest in our technology alliances because of the value that these partnerships bring to our customers. We not only work to validate complete solutions with our partners, but also work together to help our customers and resellers solve challenging problems with innovative solutions. With our expanded partnership with Atempo, we continue our long tradition of innovation.

To learn more about Quantum validated solution bundles for Atempo Tina, visit the web page for additional resources. https://www.quantum.com/atempo-tina

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Quantum Recognized as an Object Storage Innovation Leader by GigaOm


Object storage has a long history as an ideal platform for secondary storage use cases. Now, with the recent frenzy around all-flash object stores for primary storage use cases, the need for continued innovation in object storage scalability and storage economics to match the continued onslaught of digital data growth has been amazingly ignored with little coverage. Gigaom is the first major IT analyst firm to recognize this need as demonstrated by their research and recent release of the G igaOm Sonar Object Storage on Tape Report.

This forward-looking report evaluates vendors with solutions to store and access massive amounts of cold storage in the most cost-effective manner possible. GigaOm recognized Quantum as the leading vendor, reflective of recent ActiveScale innovations in multi-dimensional erasure coding, RAIL architectures, as-a-Service solutions, and support of both active and cold data classes. We are very proud of this leader designation in the GigaOm report and wanted to share some thoughts on how we’ll continue to innovate going forward.


First, let’s cover this new report from GigaOm. GigaOm created the Sonar report to address the emerging market and growing need to store large datasets for much longer periods of time, at affordable costs, in a way that is accessible when needed. However, storing these large datasets on primary storage is challenging; not only are storage acquisition costs too high, but the ongoing power required to store so much data, drives up operating costs and challenges local power grids. Quantum is already a leading cold storage supplier to many of the world’s largest hyperscalers—in fact, 5 of the top 5 hyperscalers in the world rely on Quantum solutions, and we have developed a series of innovations and products to help them solve similar problems.

Quantum ActiveScale™ Cold Storage is a new class of object storage that provides secure, highly durable, and extremely low-cost storage for archiving of your cold data. It enables any organization generating petabytes of data to deploy S3 Glacier Class storage within their own data center, colocation facility, or hosted IT environment. The entire system can be deployed however a customer wants – in the customer’s data center, colocation or hosted IT environment, either as a capital acquisition or as a fully managed service. 


Beyond object storage on tape, we are also being recognized for other innovations that reflect Quantum’s leadership in our key markets. For our tape products , we have continuously developed new features to enhance overall security and give greater protection against ransomware attacks. This includes Ransom Block, which provides the ultimate air gap for tape storage to protect against rogue attackers. With Ransom Block , tapes are physically protected within a tape library, so that the only way a hacker can access the data is with a physical break-in of the data center. Tapes are highly protected and remain on-site, providing the fastest data recovery from an attack available in the market today – another example of continued innovation and leadership.  In closing, we are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in GigaOm’s Sonar Object Storage on Tape Report. We will continue to bring new innovations to the market for object storage, tape solutions, and across our entire portfolio . Organizations across a wide number of industries and use cases all struggle to effectively manage, protect, and extract value from the petabytes to exabytes of data they continue to accumulate. With these recent innovations we have brought to market, we’re making this challenge dramatically easier and will continue to innovate in support of our customers. To view the full GigaOm Sonar Report, click here .

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Beefing Up the Mid-Range – Introducing the ActiveScale P200 Platform


With the addition of the new mid-range ActiveScale P200, we have completed the platform refresh across the entire ActiveScale portfolio, providing significantly enhanced performance and density across all price points. To meet the increasing need for object storage, ActiveScale cost-effectively scales from terabytes to exabytes and is the only object storage platform architected for both active and cold data.

The ActiveScale P200 Object Storage Platform

The P200 – Start Small, Grow Big

The P200 is our new mid-range solution, based on a simple, converged architecture that consolidates computing, networking, and storage into a simple 3U building block for easy deployment and expansion. The ActiveScale P200 easily grows by adding multiple P200s together for unlimited scalability of capacity, performance, and object count to start small and grow big. Even as a 3U 3-node configuration, the P200 packs a lot of power in a dense package. Compared to the ActiveScale P100, on a per rack basis, the P200 provides:

  • 1.9X more capacity
  • 2.4X greater PUT performance
  • 2.7X greater GET performance
  • 6.25X more objects

In a 36U rack, a 12-node P200 scale-out cluster packs a lot of punch:

  • 7.8 petabytes of Active Class storage
  • 15 billion objects
  • Measured performance up to 37.8 GB/sec GETs and 31.9 GB/sec PUTs

The P200 replaces the P100 in the ActiveScale product line. But rest assured, no man (or node) gets left behind. Existing P100 customers preserve their pre-existing investment in P100s with the ability to expand their P100 clusters with P200 platforms, not only maximizing their investments in P100, but also capitalizing on new levels of capability and density of the P200.

The Foundation for the Next Evolution in Object Storage

In addition to being a powerful platform for any object storage need, the P200 is an ideal choice upon which to build your unstructured data management strategy. Undoubtedly, data is well recognized today as a strategic asset. Entire industries are digitally transforming with the opportunity to extract significant value from a wide variety of digital data sources. Whether you are producing petabytes of data through gene sequencing, satellites, user activities, or market data, the need to store, analyze, protect, and archive, more and more data is growing unabated.

As the only object storage platform that supports Active and Cold Storage Classes, the P200 allows you to keep more data at lower cost and access that data whenever you need to without expensive fees or complex recovery procedures.

ActiveScale P200 3GEO with Active and Cold Data

Self-protecting and disaster-tolerant expansion at up to 80% less cost using ActiveScale Cold Storage

The requirements for the next generation of massive data stores are not only that they be self-protecting and disaster-tolerant, but also that they scale cost-effectively. P200 meets this need as a powerful disaster-tolerant solution through its ability to deploy across multiple data centers with full redundancy and non-stop access even in the case of a site failure. Using three P200s, a petabyte scale cluster can be geospread across three data centers.

As data needs grow, requirements may be met by adding P200’s for active data. But moreover, as content ages, many organizations are best served by adding cold data resources at lower cost, by deploying ActiveScale cold storage , based on Two Dimensional Erasure Coding (2D EC) and the Quantum RAIL architecture. By adding just one tape library at each site, long term cold storage costs can be reduced by up to 80%.

A Powerful Platform Portfolio

The addition of the ActiveScale P200 platform completes an aggressive plan to upgrade the entire ActiveScale portfolio based on a common converged architecture. With scalability from terabytes to exabytes, ActiveScale meets the need for simple, secure, protected data platforms for backup, recovery, and content management in small commercial enterprises to the unstructured data needs of the most demanding and complex IT environments. ActiveScale provides scalable, cost effective, no compromise solutions to meet the growing demand to extract more value from these growing data stores.

ActiveScale Object Storage Platform Portfolio

ASCS Portfolio

For more information, you can download the ActiveScale datasheet here .  

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AWS Outposts Meets ActiveScale Object Storage


Today is another great day for ActiveScale Object Storage . We are pleased to announce that ActiveScale is now AWS Outposts Ready .  This designation, part of the AWS Service Ready program, validates ActiveScale object storage systems in AWS Outposts deployments to provide Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) compliant services for AWS services running within an AWS Outposts environment. 


AWS Outposts is a service offering first introduced in 2019 that offers AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools within your own datacenter. In effect, the AWS cloud comes to you,- through a fully configured, rack-based system environment deployed in your own data center, co-location facility, or hosted IT environment. Consistent with AWS services in the AWS cloud, and as trending in the industry today across multiple platform vendors, AWS Outposts is sold and managed by AWS as a fully managed service.  

AWS Outposts provides a hybrid cloud solution that is fully compatible and integrates with your IT resources deployed in the AWS cloud. As an on-premises solution, AWS Outposts is particularly well suited for workloads that require: 

  • low latency access to on-premises systems,  
  • local data processing due to dependencies on in-house resources or constraints, or 
  • data residency in a specific geography or security domain. 


ActiveScale is an ideal solution for AWS Outposts as it provides industry-leading scalability, data durability, and total cost of ownership (TCO), enabled by its unique ability to cost-effectively manage both active and cold data. ActiveScale Dynamic Data Placement (DDP) incorporates advanced erasure coding and real-time algorithms to optimally place data securely across the entire ActiveScale system. DDP not only guards against data loss, component, and site failures, but also optimizes system performance. 


The increasing adoption of AWS Outposts, and recent designation of ActiveScale as an AWS Outposts Ready solution, reflect growing interest by enterprises and cloud services providers alike to adopt hybrid cloud and as-a-Service data center strategies as they evolve their infrastructures into the future. Large organizations are choosing as-a-Service solutions for their financial flexibility, agility, and simple consumption models. As another data point, note that analyst firm, IDC, predicts that Data-Center-Infrastructure-as-a-Service (DCIaaS) revenues will grow from $138M in 2020 to a whopping $14B in 2025 at a growth rate of 151.8% annually.1  Service offerings from major IT system suppliers, such as HPE Greenlake and Dell Technologies Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, also reflect this trend.  

The growing demand for on-premises data center services is consistent with Quantum’s own aggressive development of Quantum-as-a-Service solutions, for example, with our recent introduction of Quantum Object Storage Services  (QOSS). Based on ActiveScale platforms, Quantum Object Storage Services provide affordable, scalable on-prem private cloud storage services for both active and archived data sets. In this deployment scenario, Quantum owns, installs, manages, maintains, and monitors your private ActiveScale infrastructure, delivered as-a-Service, backed by Quantum expertise, service delivery tools, and AIOps-driven analytics and monitoring. Scalable from petabytes to exabytes, QOSS meets the growing demands of large enterprises, government agencies, cloud service providers and research organizations for more dynamic and flexible IT consumption models. 

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Meet Me in St. Louis – For an HPC, AI, and Analytics Extravaganza


Here at Quantum, we are excited to finally be on the road again. Next stop – St. Louis! Next week, SC21 , the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, is being held at America’s Center in downtown St Louis.

sc21 1


This event has a rich history of showcasing technical innovation in high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure and applications from across a broad spectrum of universities, supercomputing centers, national labs, and industrial research centers.

For Quantum, a couple of themes particularly resonate:

  • Managing data growth. The ongoing challenge of ingesting, analyzing, and managing massive data sets across their data lifecycle.
  • Cold data that’s not so cold. The desire to save more data from more sources, plus the need for easy and affordable access to that data now, and long into the future, for continued and periodic computational analysis and recalibration of deep learning models.

At the show, we will be highlighting our recent updates to the ActiveScale object storage platform , industry-leading security features of Scalar tape archive solutions , and StorNext NVMe, RDMA and tiered storage technologies. Most of all, we are excited to promote the success of our customers building state-of-the-art capabilities with Quantum products and solutions (for example, Genomics England ).


sc21b 1

We are also here to enjoy some fun and games. In addition to sponsoring the Petaflop , we are delighted to be co-hosting a social get together with our tech partner, Weka , to connect with our customers and the HPC community at large, and celebrate our high performance, massive scale joint storage solutions for HPC, Genomics, and AI . You don’t need to be Irish to get in ( ;o) ), but you do need to stop by the Quantum booth #918 or Weka booth #927 to claim your ticket!

We hope to see you there!

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The Future of Cold Storage is Here – Introducing ActiveScale Cold Storage and Quantum Object Storage Services


Over the past several years, Quantum has quietly become the leading provider of cold storage infrastructure to the world’s largest cloud providers. Through these efforts, we’ve learned a lot about building massive, scalable cloud storage infrastructure that is easy to use and easy to manage. With this experience, and with several pioneering innovations, we are pleased to offer a breakthrough solution for helping large enterprises, research organizations, and web-scale companies easily manage and master the massive data growth with which they too are challenged.

The Challenge

With the digital transformation of nearly everything , organizations are experiencing explosive data growth. This data is mostly unstructured and mostly cold – inactive data that is accessed infrequently. Yet, it contains immense value and has the potential for future enrichment, monetization, and re-use, so it must be securely protected and remain accessible, for years, decades, and often indefinitely. Solutions today are limited and expensive – either give up control of your data to a public cloud provider and be taxed each time you access your own data, or alternatively, build costly file and object storage systems in house.

With Quantum, the future of cold storage is here.

S3 Glacier Class Storage for the Data Center

With today’s announcement of ActiveScale Cold Storage, we are introducing a new class of storage that combines advanced object store software with hyperscale tape technology to provide the industry’s most affordable, durable, and accessible cold storage archiving solution.

And based on these technologies, we are also announcing Quantum Object Storage Services, the industry’s only as-a-Service solution for both active and cold data archiving, deployable wherever your data lives – whether that’s in your in-house data center, colocation facility, or hosted IT environment.

cold storage 1

Breakthrough Innovations

These new offerings are made possible by Quantum’s innovations – combined to form the industry’s most advanced cold storage archive with unmatched levels of performance, durability, and storage efficiency.

  1. ActiveScale Object Storage is the first and only object storage platform architected for both active and cold data, providing seamless, secure storage management and high-performance access to massive data sets.
  2. ActiveScale Cold Storage is built on Quantum’s hyperscale RAIL architecture. (That’s short for Redundant Array of Independent Libraries). A RAIL architecture, built with Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries , provides unlimited, incremental scalability, and linear performance gains, plus increased availability and serviceability. In total, RAIL enables a new level of accessibility to tape-based data.
  3. Further, ActiveScale patent-pending two-dimensional erasure coding (2D EC) software encodes data within and across tapes, tape drives, libraries, and geo-dispersed data centers, simultaneously providing industry-leading data access performance, durability, and storage efficiency.

Offered as a Fully Managed Service

Increasingly, large organizations are choosing as-a-Service solutions for their financial flexibility, agility, and simple consumption models. Quantum is enabling these Active and Cold Data solutions as fully managed, as-a-Service offerings, with a simple, competitive, two-tiered pricing model that is simple to purchase, simple to plan for, and with no data access fees. With our solution, Quantum owns, installs, manages, maintains, and monitors your private Quantum cloud storage infrastructure, delivered as-a-Service, backed by Quantum expertise, service delivery tools, and AIOps-driven analytics and monitoring.

cold storage 2

What Does This All Mean?

In total, these offerings provide:

  • Easy, affordable accessibility of S3 and S3 Glacier Class storage in the data center of your choice.
  • Unlimited scalability of both active and cold data sets.
  • The ability to restore objects from cold storage to active storage in minutes.
  • 100x to 1Mx greater durability, and up to 40% better storage efficiency, than two copy archive solutions.
  • Reduced cold storage costs by up to 80% compared to all-disk solutions.
  • 30+% savings relative to public cloud cold storage services.
  • Outsourced storage operations and simpler data management without access fees.

Up until now, organizations have been limited in their ability to affordably manage and store the massive amounts of data that they are collecting today (up to 98% of today’s data gets thrown away and 60% of data that is stored is cold). These offerings now provide a new level of capability not only to store these growing data sets, but also to:  

  • Securely maintain in-house control of these assets
  • Easily access this data to unlock and enrich its value
  • Be confident in its preservation and protection over the coming years and decades

To Learn More

For more information on these new breakthrough innovations and offerings, please go to these additional resources:

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