Comprehensive Data Protection to Strengthen Cybersecurity and Reduce Business Risk


In today’s IT environments, ransomware is unfortunately a big business risk with global losses exceeding 10’s of billions of dollars annually. The impact on businesses is real, including the cost of paid ransoms, revenue loss, damage to the brand, and even job losses in the wake of an attack. Even with best efforts to prevent ransomware, it is an unfortunate truth that IT professionals must plan for the day when ransomware gets in. This is one reason why, here at Quantum, we are maniacal about data protection and recovery.

A well-known best practice to protect your environment from ransomware is the 3-2-1-1 strategy; that is, three copies of your data on two independent storage mediums with one copy offsite and one copy offline. Here at Quantum, we strongly endorse this strategy in our work with our resellers, customers, and prospects on data protection and ransomware recovery projects. And we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities in this area.

Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina

So, without further ado, we are excited to introduce Quantum validated solution bundles for Atempo Tina. These new offerings from Quantum are architected to simplify the design, purchasing, deployment and management of backup infrastructure in conformance with 3-2-1-1 best practices. The solution bundles combine Atempo Tina backup and recovery software (sourced from Quantum), a Quantum media server, and Quantum secondary storage products to meet a wide variety of data protection, ransomware recovery, and disaster recovery needs. Key features include the abilities to:

  • Centrally manage backup sources, targets, scheduling, and recovery
  • Simply protect VMs, databases, bare metal servers, NAS resources, and Microsoft 365
  • Create immutable, air-gapped, offsite copies to protect against ransomware and disasters
  • Easily recover data with fast, intuitive granular restores
  • Support Quantum DXi , ActiveScale , and Scalar backup targets and feature sets
    (plus 3rd party storage and public cloud targets)
  • Simplify procurement and support from a single vendor through Quantum

Quantum Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina

Unique Software Licensing Simplifies Management and Reduces Cost

One valuable aspect of the solution bundles worth highlighting is our unique Atempo Tina software licensing model that results in lower management overhead and lower overall cost. In contrast to legacy backup software pricing, Quantum provides an all-inclusive Atempo Tina software license, based exclusively on the backup target capacity of the accompanying Quantum storage targets (DXi , ActiveScale , Scalar ).  Moreover, with DXi and Scalar targets, deduplication and compression come into play with the potential to reduce backup storage requirements significantly, resulting in even further savings. All in, our pricing model effectively results in a flat, predictable cost, scaled to your backup storage requirements, irrespective of the number of servers, VMs, application agents, end users, or CPU cores in your environment.

With our validated solution bundles, you have the resources you need to simply and confidently backup your entire virtualized infrastructure, databases, bare metal servers, NAS devices, and your entire Microsoft 365 environment (including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams).

Immutability and Air Gapping

As we started our discussion on the topic of ransomware, we should consider immutability and air gapping. Net-net, Quantum’s complete secondary storage portfolio (DXi, ActiveScale, and Scalar tape) supports immutable backup copies. In addition, to achieve fully offline data copies, it’s important to consider that tape media is the lowest cost, most durable medium for offline copies, and as such, has seen a bit of a renaissance as the data copy of last resort. Further, Scalar tape libraries are the industry’s most secure solution with their exclusive Ransom Block capability.

So, in closing, here are some of the key benefits of Quantum Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina:

  • Fully validated, end-to-end solutions tailored to your IT environment
  • Reduced TCO with an all-inclusive, target capacity-based software licensing model
  • Advanced integration for greater security, cyber resilience, and storage efficiency
  • Simple procurement and support from a single vendor

Here at Quantum, we invest in our technology alliances because of the value that these partnerships bring to our customers. We not only work to validate complete solutions with our partners, but also work together to help our customers and resellers solve challenging problems with innovative solutions. With our expanded partnership with Atempo, we continue our long tradition of innovation.

To learn more about Quantum validated solution bundles for Atempo Tina, visit the web page for additional resources. https://www.quantum.com/atempo-tina

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Expanding Quantum Support for the Veritas OST API, and Another Feature to Strengthen Cybersecurity


This week we introduced another feature in our secondary storage products to help strengthen data protection and cybersecurity.

Our latest DXi software, DXi 4.5.2, is now available for download and introduces support for Veritas OST WORM.  As a brief background, Veritas Open Storage Technology, or “OST”, is an API that allows NetBackup Media Servers to take advantage of intelligent disk devices. 

Quantum DXi backup appliances were among the first appliances to support OST, and over the years we’ve added support for key OST features like optimized deduplication, AIR, and now OST WORM.

OST Write Once Read Many (“WORM”) is an OST feature that makes a backup image immutable.  Here’s how it works with Quantum DXi Backup Appliances:

So why do you care about all of these acronyms?   Because this is another, simple way that you can strengthen your data protection approaches, and your cybersecurity, by using this Veritas and Quantum combined solution.

If you are a Veritas NetBackup or BackupExec user, and whether you are a Quantum DXi customer or not, consider deploying DXi systems as part of your backup infrastructure.  To learn more about our DXi systems, go here

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Deduplication Storage for Protecting and Recovering Your Data: Not Just for Big Corporations


Data deduplication represents an almost $4.5 Billion growing market. When Quantum acquired the first patent on variable-length deduplication in 2006, it was the latest and greatest technology and something only corporate giants could afford. But a decade and a half later, it no longer gets a lot of press or attention, but it’s still necessary and still widely used by the largest companies on the planet.

Deduplication is a no brainer: Why buy 20 disks when you could buy 1? It saves on disk, server capacity, power usage, space – everything. And while deduplication used to be bleeding edge technology only affordable to big corporations, it’s now a mature technology available to any size company – or individual by download. So once again, who wouldn’t want to buy less disk and spend less money? With corporate quality backup products and storage now available for free, is there any excuse not to protect your systems?

You know you must back up your data. And the question is not whether you should deduplicate backups, but rather how. Individual backup products often offer deduplication, but they may charge for it and only deduplicate their own data – and in a much less efficient way than appliances like Quantum’s DXi. The DXi appliance uses a more efficient “variable length” deduplication algorithm and is a storehouse for all kinds of data from any source with all of it deduplicated together. Usually at a 20:1 or greater ratio (deduplication rates vary, but most customers see between 10:1 and 30:1 rates).

New Virtual DXi V5000 Backup Appliance

The new DXi V5000, along with the DXi V5000 Community Edition , make it easier than ever to download and use Quantum DXi deduplication technology. This new offering is ideally suited for data protection at remote sites, edge environments, and for small businesses looking to efficiently back up and protect their critical data. The DXi V5000 has the same features and capabilities of a physical DXi appliance, deployed as a virtual machine.  A common use case is using the DXi V5000 as a virtual backup appliance at a remote site, then replicating deduplicated data to a core data center so that organizations can protect their data across sites, and between edge and core. In addition, along with the DXi V5000, we also announced the DXi V5000 Community Edition.

Announcing DXi V5000 Community Edition with 5 TB of Free Storage

As part of the rollout of the DXi V5000 – the newest member of the 15-year-old DXi family – Quantum is offering a free-forever virtual DXi to anyone. All you need is basic computer hardware with 1 – 5 TB of disk and Quantum will provide the software to store data for no charge. If you want to upgrade, you can buy a license to extend your DXi to 256 TB of storage and add on top-quality Quantum support.

DXi V5000 Download Requirements

To download and use the virtual DXi, all you need is an X86-64 computer with 2 CPU cores, 4 GB of memory, and anywhere from 200 GB to 5.1 TB of disk (scale it to the disk however you want and increase capacity later when you need it). DXi is downloadable as a .iso or a .ova file, and easily installs in Hyper-V, VMware or KVM. Linux with KVM is a good option and is both downloadable and free (never used Linux? There are plenty of YouTube videos to guide you through the install and configuration process). 

Once you get your DXi V5000 up and running, you have more than just a deduplicating storage device, you have a full powered DXi. You can setup other V5000s and replicate between them with intelligent, secure replication that only transfers changed data – saving on bandwidth. You can use the features of DXi to secure backups against ransomware, keep point-in-time snapshot images of data without wasting disk space, and restore anything at any time – as easy as if you just copied to a big NAS system.

And you can use a DXi with Windows Backup and Restore (free on any Windows system) or Veeam’s “Free Forever for 10 workloads” community version and you’ve got a corporate level backup system – for free. If you already use a backup technology like NetBackup or Veeam, DXi is integrated to work with all the major backup products. And all DXi features are included with the Community Edition of the DXi V5000.

Get Started: Download the DXi V5000 Community Edition

Here are some links to get you started. Quantum’s DXi V5000 Community Edition is available from here . Community support, videos on install and configuration, and other helpful subjects are available in Quantum’s ForumV Community page.

So, whether you manage a big or small computer environment, can you afford not to use professional-level products like these to protect your data?

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Quantum Leads End-user Survey for Secondary Storage


In the most recent end-user survey from Coldago Research , Quantum leads all vendors as the top brand for secondary storage.  Coldago’s April 2021 report surveyed over 2,000 end-users across SMB and enterprises about their brand preferences on a wide range of storage types and applications.  In secondary storage, Quantum is the leading brand. 

With the growth in secondary storage including object storage, Quantum offers a wide range of products to serve our customer’s needs.  These market segments are poised for growth.  According to IDC “Object storage accounts for the largest part of the public cloud storage market and continued to experience significant growth (31% in 2019)[1].  With that level of growth, customers need a wide portfolio of secondary storage products. 

End User Survey, Top US/EMEA brands for Secondary Storage

“Coldago Research unveils its end-users survey 2021 addressing perceptions, opinions, needs and priorities. We also asked users’ to rank vendors in various categories and for secondary storage, Quantum arrives 1st both in USA and Europe confirming the corporate and product strategy initiated a few years ago with new products, technology developments, acquisitions and talent recruitments that started to pay off”, said Philippe Nicolas, analyst at Coldago Research. “As a pioneer of secondary storage, Quantum continues to offer large, diverse and broad offerings targeting from small configurations to very large-scale environments, whatever is the technology, storage media, architecture and access methods making their solutions a real universal, unified and ubiquitous approach”, concludes Nicolas.

At Quantum, we’re pleased with the recognition that IT professionals have bestowed in this survey.  Over the last few years, we’ve made numerous improvements to our entire portfolio.  Here’s just a quick summary:

  • ActiveScale object storage – Multiple new releases that provide object locking, small object aggregation, and advanced troubleshooting.  New hardware included the P100E3 3-node platform for smaller customers and the new X200 platform for more performance and scale. 
  • Scalar tape – Introduction of multi-factor authentication builds upon the value of Active Vault, a feature available only in Quantum’s Scalar tape libraries to secure critical off-line data against ransomware attacks. The new feature makes unauthorized access extremely difficult, and underscores Quantum’s commitment to innovation for preserving and protecting valuable customer data.
  • DXi backup appliances New features include Secure Snapshots and others in collaboration with Veeam, including multi-tiered backup and replication to Quantum DXi appliances, across sites, to the cloud and to Scalar tape libraries.

“The Coldago report demonstrates strong customer satisfaction across the full line of Quantum’s secondary storage products,” said Bruno Hald, Quantum’s GM for Secondary storage. “We are a customer-driven organization and have delivered a series of innovation for a full range of customers, from SMB, larger enterprises, and to our hyperscale customers.  We look forward to providing them with additional products and services to improve their bottom line”. 

[1] Source:  IDC report, Cold Storage Services in the Public Cloud IaaS Market, #WC2020087, Sept 1, 2020

Learn more at https://www.coldago.com/ and read the source report: https://www.coldago.net/eusurvey

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Take the Virtual DXi V5000 Software for a Test Drive


The need for affordable high-capacity storage grows every year, which is why Quantum continues to produce DXi deduplication appliances and software with blazing fast ingest rates and huge capacities. But most large companies also have smaller sites that don’t need a monster storage solution of their own – and may even have excess virtual server and storage capacity sitting idle. For these sites – or any office with limited storage needs– Quantum offers virtual DXi deduplication appliances that you run on your own servers and scale to your own needs (for the soon-to-be-released V5000 that means from 20 TB to 5 PB of logical storage).

These virtual DXi appliances have all the main capabilities of their hardware relatives, including the ability to replicate data in either direction with other DXi appliances whether virtual or physical; or with AWS S3 Glacier Storage; or a Quantum ActiveScale server via S3 Cold Storage.

Try Out the Free V5000 Trial Version

Quantum just released the first test iteration of the V5000 – the V5000 Trial version — available for free here . This is a test system (the full GA version will be out this summer) that you can install and test out for up to 8 months and see how well this product can work for you. It’s not rated for production data and only scales to 1 TB of native storage, but you can use it to test out ways to install and utilize the V5000 full version coming in the summer. And the real shocker – when the full V5000 becomes available, the first 5 TB of storage you apply, which means up to 40 TB of logical data, is absolutely free without an expiration.

So, you can download the V5000 Trial version to test your hardware solution now and get a feel for the award-winning DXi technology in preparation for the true V5000 available this summer. The bottom line is that whatever your storage needs are, large or small, Quantum has a DXi answer.

About DXi Software

Quantum DXi software is fast and simple to download and deployable within minutes. For disaster recovery and ransomware protection, it includes the power and flexibility of target-based deduplication, instant encrypted replication that can send data to any other virtual or physical DXi appliances. The Secure Snapshot feature enables you to defend against cyberattacks, keeping data immutable. Quantum DXi integrates seamlessly into your environment and is compatible with leading backup software.

Try Out the V5000 Trial Version Now

Download the Trial Version Here

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MLC Shows How a Veeam Environment Can Cope with Data Growth and Ransomware


MLCData growth and malware are two facts of corporate life that extend to every corner of global commerce, including dairy providers. A dairy cooperative with 820 local farms, Maites Laitiers du Cotentin (MLC) is best known as a provider of ultra-fresh milk. They also offer a wide range of products including its specialties, crème fraiche and Normandy cream throughout France, the EU and even China. However, behind the bucolic images of cows in the French countryside, MLC is a global company that generates an enormous volume of data which must be protected.

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