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John Clark



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PayReel was founded almost 30 years ago with one goal in mind: Make it easy to work with ICs and freelancers. We streamline the complexity of classifying, on-boarding and paying contingent workers.

As the employer/agent of record– we indemnify our partners and absorb almost all risk associated with contingent workers as well as handle the time-consuming administrative work. From paperless onboarding, to worker classification, to US DoL compliance, employee payments and year-end tax filing and reporting- we handle it all.

Frank Fellous




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Canalchat is a full-service Live Webcasting producer with advanced video filming, streaming, interactivity management, and digital integration expertise. 
We offer our clients a unique tailor-made experience to communicate Live worldwide (small, large/internal, or external audiences) at a very efficient price.
We can also operate a full production to enhance your existing corporate platform (Microsoft Teams, Teams Live event, Zoom, Webex, or alike).

Nick Tides

Maslow Media Group


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“Maslow Media Group is a Workforce Management company specializing in the Media & Entertainment, IT and Creative Technology market sectors. MMG provides a wide range of Staffing Services to our strategic Broadcast, Corporate and Government clients including Direct Placement, Managed Staffing, Employer of Record and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. As an Employer of Record in all 50 states, Maslow provides top creative talent to our clients while assuming the responsibility for HR functions, employee liability, workman’s comp and tax reporting, timekeeping, payrolling and benefits management to our domestic clients with the ability to provide crews internationally as well.

Engaging Maslow Media Group as a strategic business partner offers our clients the ability to delegate day-to-day management of staff operations, providing efficiencies that streamline processes, offer cost savings, reduce risk and create the strategic bandwidth for our clients to achieve their strategic objectives.”

Barb Condit

Aldis Systems

(612) 805-8811

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Aldis will turn your media assets into a powerful digital library.  Our librarians and media experts can organize your digital assets, streamline your workflow, and tag your media.  We design and optimize your digital asset management platform to fit the way you work so you can get to the creative faster.  

Lily Bond

3Play Media & Captionmax

617-764-5189 X3

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3Play Media is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Captionmax, a leader in live and recorded captioning, localization, and audio description services. The acquisition includes National Captioning Canada (NCC), the largest live captioning provider in Canada and a subsidiary of Captionmax. Together, we provide the most complete suite of high quality, reliable solutions for media accessibility – making 3Play Media the new market leader. The addition of Captionmax and NCC, both of whom have exceptional, long-standing reputations in the broadcast live captioning market, adds immediate expertise, scale, and experience to 3Play Media’s platform-based offering in the live captioning market.

Ivan Anderson

Alpha Video


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Alpha translates visionary ideas into exceptional and captivating technology experiences. Combining multi-industry mastery with end-to-end capabilities, we serve clients in markets including casinos, broadcasting, sports, esports, corporate, government, education and more. Alpha was founded in Minneapolis in 1970 and has grown to become one of America’s premier providers of audio, video and broadcast technology solutions by continuously expanding the boundaries of what’s possible in demanding, high-visibility environments. This is at the heart of what Alpha does: We enable our clients to Experience Possible™.

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Julia DePillo


Julia DePillo

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(NASDAQ: BCOV) is a leading global provider of powerful cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device. The company offers a suite of products and services that reduce the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing, distributing, measuring and monetizing multi-screen video. Brightcove helps more than 5,500 customers in over 70 countries achieve success with video.

Barbara Kittridge

Crews Control


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Crews Control is the industry leader in providing corporate and broadcast video crews and location production services, worldwide. In 1988 we created the camera crew staffing industry and now, over 25 years later, we are corporate producers and media managers first choice for hiring the best location video crews worldwide. Our global resources range from New York to Los Angeles, London to Lebanon, and Hong Kong to Honolulu and every city in between, providing you with the very best local production resources anywhere in the world.

Don Mastro

VP of Sales

952 826-2953

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Most organizations have one principal requirement for their AV technology: that it free them to do their job. That’s why the best system is one that opens the lines of communication, then gets out of the way. It’s also why AVI designs our systems to be easy to integrate, intuitive to operate, and simple to maintain. This is our definition of Communication Liberation, and its reflected in the incredible diversity of AV solutions that we provide for business, commercial, educational and government clients across America.

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Ryan Gaus



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LiveSwitch provides critical video infrastructure that powers the most engaging and interactive real-time communications. As a result, companies of any size can enhance new or existing products with interactive media experiences allowing them to engage their existing customers more effectively, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and create new revenue streams. This is achieved through LiveSwitch’s reliable enterprise-grade live video streaming platform that enables businesses to embed flexible, secure, scalable, and high-quality interactive video, audio, and data on nearly any device.

The goldcast logo on a black background.

Kishore Kothandraman


617 230 7854

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Goldcast is a digital and in-person events platform for B2B media teams to host engaging Netflix like event experiences with clients/employees.

Companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Workday, and Capital Group use Goldcast for their events ranging from webinars, thought leadership events, internal town halls to in-person
roadshows and dinners. They were recently named in G2 as one of the top 100 
growing software companies

Post event, our unique AI Content Lab repurposes the event content into short-form video snippets for social, SEO enriched blog posts, and embeddable video players. We then create an always-on channel to keep generating engagement from the event so that events
are not a one-and-done activity. 

Goldcast currently has ~150 employees and works with 300+ B2B brands across technology, professional services, manufacturing, and financial services industry.

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Shawn Moffatt


(843) 460-8330

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“Go To Team is a company of creatives for creatives. Content capture is at our core for all types of media clients. We show up to win everyday and do that by shooting creative and meaningful content for the best clients everyday.

Go To Team is the largest STAFF video crew provider in the US. We know production. Our goal is to #MakeCoolTV everyday. We’re both passionate storytellers and video mercenaries. Networks, Production Companies, Agencies and Brands are our clients. We’re not a crewing company.

Open to suggestions on positioning us not as a competitor, but as a different resource with expertise in staff production crew. We build these people for you.


Neal Stanton


+1 908 256 6440


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Vbrick is the world’s leading end-to-end enterprise video platform (EVP). We provide a single, unified platform for live streaming at scale; producing, capturing and enriching video; video content management with granular roles and permissions; seamless delivery; and rich analytics. With a full suite of APIs and SDKs, Vbrick fits seamlessly into an enterprise’s ecosystem and helps maximize investments in workflows and applications employees use every day. With Vbrick Ramp, we offer a universal enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) that integrates with any video platform, such as Microsoft Teams and Stream, to ensure flawless video experiences when viewing live or on-demand video..

Rachel Kennedy


(202) 454-0687

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TeamPeople is a staffing firm exclusively focused on providing creative and technical talent to corporations, broadcasters, video production companies, and AV operations. Founded in 2004, TeamPeople now supports over 400 clients in the US and UK with On-site Managed staff and Day Hire project based personnel. From a database of updated vetted talent, TeamPeople provides a wide range of positions required for content production, live events, and management of video in the enterprise functions. A media company offering media staffing solutions to the broadcast and corporate communications fields.

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Michael Mahoney



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LiveU is shaping the future of live video, powering video production workflows and cloud services for our global marked leadership and innovation. LiveU offers the highest quality, reliable and cost-effective end-to-end solutions for all types of live productions – producing more for less.



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eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides users an intuitive web interface to collaboratively produce, share, and deliver video and other media. Artists and designers use integrated tools inside Adobe Creative Cloud and Apple Final Cut systems.

With built-in tools and over 90 technology partners, eMAM manages native resolution files and integrated workflow processes needed by leading organizations worldwide since 2006 in local, cloud, and hybrid environments. eMAM helps organizations respond to emerging demands with scalability, easy reconfiguration, and multiple ordering options: by purchase, by subscription, or by turnkey cloud SaaS and VM/PaaS.

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Mike Waters



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Spectra provides digital tape and disk archive systems that integrate with leading Media Asset Management (MAM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and traditional data protection applications. Spectra solutions are backed by more than three decades of experience and emphasize ease of use, constant access to content and industry-leading density that can easily scale to millions of broadcast hours.

Joe DeMaria



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Speedcast is a leading connectivity provider for Land, Sea and Air transport of video, voice, and data with zero downtime to the most remote locations on Earth — and under the most treacherous conditions. The company’s enterprise OTT video cloud platform, Tempo, offers Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) for distribution of live and on-demand private network content – including distance learning, interactive training and corporate communications. Tempo’s newest cloud-based service features maximum functionality with minimized bandwidth consumption, and provides full management control along with secure and reliable content delivery to anyone, anywhere, on any screen or device.

Sue Lang

Slang Productions

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Slang Productions is a live event production company. Since 2004, we have partnered with our clients to create engaging and flawless productions – big and small – for Fortune 100/500 companies, associations, universities, and non-profit organizations. Our event sizes have ranged from 100 – 5,000+ including in-person attendees, fully virtual and hybrid events in a variety of settings throughout the globe.

We are dedicated production professionals helping our clients create engaging experiences for their most important gatherings.

We love this work and approach every project with the excitement of kids playing in a sandbox and deliver each event with the focus of a flight crew safely landing an airplane. Whether in-person, on-line or hybrid, Slang Productions applies the same foundational production process, leading to flawless, robust and engaging experiences.

Our goal is to take on the many production details, create compelling, memorable content, and provide creativity, entertainment, and staging that inspires audiences. We manage the logistics required for a successful event. With our expertise, our clients are free to focus on bigger things. We serve as true partners working alongside your team in pre-production, managing key logistics, technical details and on-site operations. You can focus on the big picture for the event and leave the production magic to us!

Christina Anderson


949-388-9078 X114 

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DigitalGlue provides equipment, integration, and software development for the production and distribution of digital video. We analyze your workflow to build an optimized solution for collaborative editing, automation, media asset management, storage, and archiving. From contribution to distribution, the DigitalGlue team will work with you to efficiently deliver your programming over fiber, cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT. Our current clients include major broadcast and cable networks, Fortune 100 companies, the federal government, institutions of higher learning, and faith-based organizations. We look forward to being your technology partner. Please contact us today for your next project.

Rena Daitzchman

Hive Streaming


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Hive Streaming helps organizations drive employee engagement by securely delivering high-quality video to global workforces. Its platform support internal video communication through the entire video event cycle. Before the event, Hive help customers to troubleshoot for potential issues. During the event, Hive’s eCDN enables ultimate reach and highest quality, prevents failure and monitors each video stream in real time. After the event, Hive’s industry-leading video event analytics gives you a clear overview of video performance, viewer experience and engagement.

With a strong team of technology experts and over 100 patents, Hive is consistently recognized as a video innovation leader. Hive’s list of customers counts over 150 global companies, representing some of the world’s most admired brands. The company can be reached at www.hivestreaming.com

Chip Pettit

Stream Station

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We are the easy button for your critical broadcasting and live-streaming initiatives. We focus on the technology needs so your CEO can lead with confidence that the message will be clear.

We specialize in professional quality video transmission from point-to-point or point-to-multipoint streams. We understand the broadcast industry and know how to navigate the uncharted ocean of new technology and Cloud applications pertinent to executive communications with Fortune 100 companies.

Our Executive QC Monitoring solution and our Stream Station Link appliance offers high performance and reliability with our tech partners. Integration with legacy hardware or operations is possible with our broadcast technology. We are an AWS Elemental & Technology house. Our network operations center (NOC) will push out over 50 petabytes and reach millions of viewers this year alone.

Service areas include: OTT | VOD | Live-Streaming | Storage | Cloud Applications




Dan Sachs

Jingle Punks


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Jingle Punks is an award-winning production music company focused in the corporate, TV, film, radio, and the brand space. We are a full-service audio creative agency that can think up unique ideas and execute them at the speed of the cultural conversation.

Whether working with our staff composers and music supervisors or reaching outside our walls to work with the best artists in the world, Jingle Punks delivers. We launch the biggest brands in the world through the power of sound. We pair A-list talent with exciting projects, and create and license the catchiest songs on TV.

No matter the platform, be it digital, radio, TV, or the latest streaming device, Jingle Punks is there. Our library is powered by The Jingle Player, an easily searchable database of 500,000 intuitively tagged, pre-cleared original songs created by a curated roster of real musicians and composers.

If you can’t find the perfect track, our team of composers will create custom music to fit perfectly into your project.