Comprehensive Data Protection to Strengthen Cybersecurity and Reduce Business Risk


In today’s IT environments, ransomware is unfortunately a big business risk with global losses exceeding 10’s of billions of dollars annually. The impact on businesses is real, including the cost of paid ransoms, revenue loss, damage to the brand, and even job losses in the wake of an attack. Even with best efforts to prevent ransomware, it is an unfortunate truth that IT professionals must plan for the day when ransomware gets in. This is one reason why, here at Quantum, we are maniacal about data protection and recovery.

A well-known best practice to protect your environment from ransomware is the 3-2-1-1 strategy; that is, three copies of your data on two independent storage mediums with one copy offsite and one copy offline. Here at Quantum, we strongly endorse this strategy in our work with our resellers, customers, and prospects on data protection and ransomware recovery projects. And we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities in this area.

Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina

So, without further ado, we are excited to introduce Quantum validated solution bundles for Atempo Tina. These new offerings from Quantum are architected to simplify the design, purchasing, deployment and management of backup infrastructure in conformance with 3-2-1-1 best practices. The solution bundles combine Atempo Tina backup and recovery software (sourced from Quantum), a Quantum media server, and Quantum secondary storage products to meet a wide variety of data protection, ransomware recovery, and disaster recovery needs. Key features include the abilities to:

  • Centrally manage backup sources, targets, scheduling, and recovery
  • Simply protect VMs, databases, bare metal servers, NAS resources, and Microsoft 365
  • Create immutable, air-gapped, offsite copies to protect against ransomware and disasters
  • Easily recover data with fast, intuitive granular restores
  • Support Quantum DXi , ActiveScale , and Scalar backup targets and feature sets
    (plus 3rd party storage and public cloud targets)
  • Simplify procurement and support from a single vendor through Quantum

Quantum Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina

Unique Software Licensing Simplifies Management and Reduces Cost

One valuable aspect of the solution bundles worth highlighting is our unique Atempo Tina software licensing model that results in lower management overhead and lower overall cost. In contrast to legacy backup software pricing, Quantum provides an all-inclusive Atempo Tina software license, based exclusively on the backup target capacity of the accompanying Quantum storage targets (DXi , ActiveScale , Scalar ).  Moreover, with DXi and Scalar targets, deduplication and compression come into play with the potential to reduce backup storage requirements significantly, resulting in even further savings. All in, our pricing model effectively results in a flat, predictable cost, scaled to your backup storage requirements, irrespective of the number of servers, VMs, application agents, end users, or CPU cores in your environment.

With our validated solution bundles, you have the resources you need to simply and confidently backup your entire virtualized infrastructure, databases, bare metal servers, NAS devices, and your entire Microsoft 365 environment (including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams).

Immutability and Air Gapping

As we started our discussion on the topic of ransomware, we should consider immutability and air gapping. Net-net, Quantum’s complete secondary storage portfolio (DXi, ActiveScale, and Scalar tape) supports immutable backup copies. In addition, to achieve fully offline data copies, it’s important to consider that tape media is the lowest cost, most durable medium for offline copies, and as such, has seen a bit of a renaissance as the data copy of last resort. Further, Scalar tape libraries are the industry’s most secure solution with their exclusive Ransom Block capability.

So, in closing, here are some of the key benefits of Quantum Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina:

  • Fully validated, end-to-end solutions tailored to your IT environment
  • Reduced TCO with an all-inclusive, target capacity-based software licensing model
  • Advanced integration for greater security, cyber resilience, and storage efficiency
  • Simple procurement and support from a single vendor

Here at Quantum, we invest in our technology alliances because of the value that these partnerships bring to our customers. We not only work to validate complete solutions with our partners, but also work together to help our customers and resellers solve challenging problems with innovative solutions. With our expanded partnership with Atempo, we continue our long tradition of innovation.

To learn more about Quantum validated solution bundles for Atempo Tina, visit the web page for additional resources. https://www.quantum.com/atempo-tina

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Take the Virtual DXi V5000 Software for a Test Drive


The need for affordable high-capacity storage grows every year, which is why Quantum continues to produce DXi deduplication appliances and software with blazing fast ingest rates and huge capacities. But most large companies also have smaller sites that don’t need a monster storage solution of their own – and may even have excess virtual server and storage capacity sitting idle. For these sites – or any office with limited storage needs– Quantum offers virtual DXi deduplication appliances that you run on your own servers and scale to your own needs (for the soon-to-be-released V5000 that means from 20 TB to 5 PB of logical storage).

These virtual DXi appliances have all the main capabilities of their hardware relatives, including the ability to replicate data in either direction with other DXi appliances whether virtual or physical; or with AWS S3 Glacier Storage; or a Quantum ActiveScale server via S3 Cold Storage.

Try Out the Free V5000 Trial Version

Quantum just released the first test iteration of the V5000 – the V5000 Trial version — available for free here . This is a test system (the full GA version will be out this summer) that you can install and test out for up to 8 months and see how well this product can work for you. It’s not rated for production data and only scales to 1 TB of native storage, but you can use it to test out ways to install and utilize the V5000 full version coming in the summer. And the real shocker – when the full V5000 becomes available, the first 5 TB of storage you apply, which means up to 40 TB of logical data, is absolutely free without an expiration.

So, you can download the V5000 Trial version to test your hardware solution now and get a feel for the award-winning DXi technology in preparation for the true V5000 available this summer. The bottom line is that whatever your storage needs are, large or small, Quantum has a DXi answer.

About DXi Software

Quantum DXi software is fast and simple to download and deployable within minutes. For disaster recovery and ransomware protection, it includes the power and flexibility of target-based deduplication, instant encrypted replication that can send data to any other virtual or physical DXi appliances. The Secure Snapshot feature enables you to defend against cyberattacks, keeping data immutable. Quantum DXi integrates seamlessly into your environment and is compatible with leading backup software.

Try Out the V5000 Trial Version Now

Download the Trial Version Here

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A Trifecta of Veeam-Ready Solutions


They say the most interesting things in life come in sets of threes. Certainly, some sets are more interesting and simpler than others, such as live, love, laugh, or rock, paper, scissors, or my favorite, the good, the bad, and the ugly. While not super philosophical, they are easy concepts to remember and, in some cases, simplify our daily lives. When we think of things that we need to simplify in a data centric environment, we think of data management, data security, and data protection. Quantum has made a commitment to provide leading solutions that simplify; this is clearly apparent as we continue to work with Veeam offering solutions around data management, security, and protection. Quantum has been a long-standing partner of Veeam and has been certified as Veeam Ready, a program that ensures compliance with functionality and performance standards put forth by Veeam.

As the evolution of Big Data continues, the three core topics of concern to date are protect, secure, and manage data. The industry has done a decent job of providing data protection. Data Management is an emerging market segment focused on unstructured data. Recent hacking and ransomware attacks have brought concerns around data security to the forefront of people’s minds. Quantum has been a Veeam partner for a long time, since Veeam 9.5 Quantum DXi deduplication appliances and award-winning Scalar tape libraries have been certified with Veeam. Quantum’s most recent addition to the portfolio, Active Scale Object Storage , has also been Veeam Ready (v10) certified. Here is the full portfolio that is Veeam 10 Ready certified:

Veeam Integrated DXi Deduplication Appliance

DXi backup appliances offer cost-effective, fast backup and restores for mission-critical product data. Our customers love our DXi for many reasons, but feedback we often hear is that the DXi replication starts just after the first file is backed up without waiting for the end of the Veeam task, so the period of risk—the gap between when a backup is done and a copy is safely off site—is incredibly short, unlike some competitor’s solutions that start the replication only when the Veeam task is done. In v10, Fast Clone feature improves synthetic full performance by referencing existing data blocks on volumes instead of copying data blocks between files and copying those blocks only when files are modified. We have seen up to 15x improvement in our test labs and customer deployments in the speed and in some cases reduced the creation time from hours to minutes.

Veeam Ready Scalar Tape Library

Quantum Scalar tape solution for compliance, long-term retention requirement and ransomware protection. Quantum Scalar library is the only tape system in the market that uses Active Vault, a hands-off approach to managing media between an active and vaulted partition that is completely disconnected from the network. This enables our customers to fully airgap their data and thwart the effects of ransomware or other malware.

Veeam Ready Object Immutability – Active Scale Object Storage

ActiveScale is Quantum’s object storage system that provides a data-forever storage infrastructure. The ActiveScale system architecture accommodates storing primary copy of multi-petabyte-scale datasets that are highly durable and facilitates long-term data retention with minimal administrative overhead. With a Veeam Ready Object Immutability certification, Quantum solutions offer clients the ability to leverage our appliances efficiently through the Veeam GUI.

For more information on testing criteria or detailed information about how Quantum’s portfolio can help you achieve your data protection requirements, visit us our Quantum & Veeam web page or talk to one of our solution representatives.

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The Best Ransomware Protection Comes With Physical Layers

Archive Storage

For every ransomware attack we see in the news, there are hundreds of others that don’t get reported. Strains and cyber criminals have become increasingly insidious in their attempts to penetrate networks and take control of all digital assets, including backups. With a successful attack comes downtime, millions of dollars in revenue losses, and damaged reputation. Every time an organization pays for ransomware, more demand is created making recovery more complicated and time consuming.  Quantum has designed a solution to protect organizations against ransomware and enable fast recovery.

Like many others who have fallen victim to ransomware, they experienced many of the most common consequences, such as:

  • Loss of revenue, clients and trust
  • Damaged Reputation and Shaming
  • Paid large sums to attackers and incurred costs of recovery
  • Threat of data and privacy breach
  • Exposing clients and partners to ransomware threats as well as sensitive information that may lead to blackmail, loss of credibility, and compromised positions in society and market
  • Recovery may take a lot time, thus interrupting business and affecting operations for months and potentially years.

Bad actors are getting more invested in data theft and shaming tactics, including engaging in partnerships to produce larger more effective ransomware campaigns against your network and backup environments. The whole scheme is to eclipse any ability to recover and thus, payout the ransom. This means that you have the duty to understand the implications and to defend your network by eliminating their strength, which is the ability to spread a virus through network connected devices. However, if you only rely on your cyber security software or your cyber insurance policy to pay ransom, then you are leaving a big gap in your ransomware protection strategy.

Why not make tape’s offline copy part of your insurance policy? Today, disk is the de facto for ransomware recovery efforts, but it has several disadvantages, here are four:

  1. Backups will always remain online – high chance it will get compromised
  2. Expensive once you add up soft costs
  3. Disk solutions are not designed to protect backups against ransomware
  4. Network connected copies are always at risk; they are a bullseye for hackers

Disk is designed to be efficient, reduce footprint and meet your SLA requirements; For protection against ransomware, disk lacks the ability to truly airgap, so it remains vulnerable and accessible for criminals to encrypt, steal, and use it to your organization’s detriment. Cloud storage on the other hand, can be used as an offline service or “cold storage” but it comes with limitations:

  • No control of your data
  • Egress charges if you need access
  • Recovering from cloud can take weeks or months

It’s long past time for organization to have a true ransomware protection plan that includes an offline copy readily available on prem or in the cloud as part of an insurance policy.

Why Quantum and disk + tape (online and offline copies): Backup appliances like the DXi ® are purpose built appliances essential to meet your RPOs and RTOs, not only do you get ultra-fast performance and security with hardware based encryption technology, you also maximize savings with its ultra-dense drives to help you reduce footprint.  DXi also has a fine-tuned replication engine that enables multi-site DR protection. This means, that as soon as your data hits the DXi, it immediately begins to replicate data offsite and then to tape. Many customers do not want to wait to airgap tape. As soon as its done writing, they want to airgap it.

The complexity around tape is well known and Quantum’s Active Vault technology resolves those issues. It provides a solid and secure airgap for ransomware protection. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Offers True air-gap ransomware protection with offline in-library vault for onsite backups.
  • Archive, on-site, long-term vaulting, replaces external shelf storage
  • Backup, short-term vault prior to sending offsite
  • Removes the need of handling tapes
  • No network, host, or drive connectivity; Only admin account has visibility and access via multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Use of unlicensed slots make active vault very economical
  • Reliable and secure enhancements you can combine: Encryption AES 256-bit, WORM and MFA

Scalar libraries with its offline capabilities and active vault are the most secure, automated libraries in the market for ransomware protection; A virus cannot bypass a physical barrier formed between your data and the network. With a relatively low investment, the ransomware protection you get with the active vault feature is unmatched. No other provider has this level of security and automatization in their libraries. When a ransomware attack bypasses your security endpoints, chances are high your online copies will get compromised. This is where the offline copy can be your best last line of defense and your insurance policy. As you evaluate ransomware data protection strategies, think about the losses associated with a successful attack to your organization…Revenue, clients, reputation, etc.

Consider adding offline storage with active vault as an additional security layer for ransomware protection – It is the most cost-effective alternate solution to expensive disk or paying ransom that by the way, funds the criminal market that you are also protecting your data from.

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Quantum and Veeam V10: A Perspective from VeeamON 2020


In the last few weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to co-present with our partner Veeam at Quantum’s VirtualQ I Protect & Archive event, and also engage with Veeam customers at the recent VeeamON 2020 show. And even with so much focus on enabling remote work, enabling hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructures, and all the new features in Veeam V10, we continue to see interest and engagement when it comes to these topics:

1.  Ransomware protection and 3-2-1-1 data protection practice

A long-time best practice more relevant today than ever, the 3-2-1-1 rule specifies three copies of your data, stored on two different types of media, where one copy is offsite, and one is offline, air-gapped, or immutable. There are a couple of new twists to this rule that we’ve been emphasizing:

  • The first is that the ‘offsite’ copy is increasingly in the cloud. Cloud services from AWS, Azure, and others are growing like crazy, and Veeam and other backup applications can now easily make an offsite copy to the cloud. This can replace recovering tapes from a vault in many cases, which can take a long time and is difficult. However, in this paradigm, tape still plays a role – as an on-premise “offline” copy of your data. Veeam and Quantum continue to advocate keeping a copy on tape, and with the Active Vault feature that Quantum introduced earlier this year as part of our Ransomware Protection Packages , administrators can store backup copies in a totally secure, offline environment without ever handling tapes.
  • The second nuance is this notion of an ‘immutable’ copy of data. LTO tape has had Write Once Read Many (“WORM”) functionality for many years, and combined with its inherent offline nature, AES-256-bit encryption, and it’s low cost and low power, tape is an ideal immutable data vault. But our customers are also looking to use object storage for long-term storage for compliance, and that’s why we are in the process of certifying our ActiveScale object storage system to be Veeam Ready. We expect to make that announcement in July.

2.  It’s all about availability of your production systems and applications

Even with all the new features and many different backup and protection technologies being employed, at the end-of-the-day, it is about maximizing the availability of your production environment. Even protecting applications that run in the cloud. And with Veeam V10 and Quantum DXi (a Veeam Integrated backup repository), we continue to improve performance so our customers can maximize availability with faster backups and restores.  One new feature in Veeam V10 is called Fast Clone, or Block Clone, and the latest version of Quantum DXi software can leverage this feature to dramatically speed up synthetic full backup performance.  Creating a synthetic full backup that use to take hours now can be completed in minutes, and we’ve reduced the strain on the network and Veeam backup infrastructure dramatically. This latest enhancement builds on the Veeam Data Mover Service (VDMS) integration that DXi has had for several years and makes DXi the clear best choice for a Veeam backup repository.

Achieving 3-2-1-1 Data Protection

And now that Quantum can bring together Veeam Integrated backup repositories with DXi, a soon-to-be-Veeam-Ready object store in ActiveScale, and industry-leading tape storage with unique Active Vault software, we are in a truly unique position to deliver infrastructures to Veeam customers, so they can achieve 3-2-1-1 data protection.

See these related resources for more information about Quantum & Veeam solutions:

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Data Protection and Archive Strategies at Your Fingertips


We had a great turn out last week to our VirtualQ I Protect & Archive event of online sessions where we had an opportunity to discuss some of the latest data trends, challenges, strategies, and tactics needed for processing, storing, and protecting massive volumes of critical enterprise data, which continues to grow even as we are all working remotely. We want to thank our end users, partner community, and attendees for joining us. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing these important and relevant topics and look forward to bringing you more pressing topics again as we evolve and show you how Quantum is innovating.

How are You Preparing for Massive Data Growth?
Data has not stopped its progression towards those massive growth numbers as predicted by IDC market research, which indicates that about 80% of the world’s data will be unstructured by 2025. We began with our CEO, Jamie Lerner, whose Welcome Keynote set the tone by level setting on where he sees Quantum playing an important role in this unstructured world and how we are currently addressing those challenges head on with object storage . Some of the most pressing topics we discussed was how to prepare for a future where 80% of data is unstructured now so that your organization is not caught unprepared?

How Do You Backup Petabytes of Data? Answer: You Don’t
Another interesting topic had to do with questions that are coming up more and more in our data-driven world is how do you backup petabytes of files? If you didn’t already know the answer to that, it’s you don’t. It was a very interesting concept and highly encourage to check out what our experts are talking about in the context of petabyte/exabyte scenarios.

Reducing Backup Footprint and Spend
In the enterprise backup and archive realm we want to help you meet and exceed your SLAs, so we centered the discussion around Quantum’s high-performance purposely built backup appliances – DXi9000 and DXi4800 – the most dense PBBA out in the market today. With this solution, we’ve been able to help our customers reduce their footprint and spend by consolidating many PBBA’s into a single 10U rackspace totaling 1PB of capacity! When you’re thinking about consolidating without sacrificing performance, Quantum DXi9000 could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Solving Data Protection Challenges with Veeam and WekaIO
Finally, we invited our partners WekaIO and Veeam to share with us some reference architectures for machine learning at scale and, of course, the ever-important best practice backup rule of 3-2-1-1 . With Veeam, we dove into the backup rule, that is nevertheless so important to protect your data against ransomware . The role of object store in today’s enterprise environments is on everyone’s mind and these open discussions are the best way to learn how you can evaluate and leverage this cool technology and see if it’s the right fit for your growing data needs.

Finally, we shared how to build archive storage at exabyte scale and found a surprising twist to this story and a very interesting topic of discussion among our attendees. With the ever-increasing amounts of data growth in video and video-like data, and all these other topics mentioned, surely there is a session that you will find very interesting, so be sure to check them out.

Watch Session Recordings on Demand
If you missed our VirtualQ I Protect & Archive event, we’ve made all the sessions available for you to watch on demand. Watch recordings now.

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