DigitalGlue Designs Cutting Edge Software Serving Highly Targeted Ads to Live Television Viewers

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Atlanta, GA – October 11, 2019 – DigitalGlue is excited to announce the release of its Consumer Advertisement Insertion software. The software was designed to deliver regional, local, and individualized advertisements live to television viewers via our Set Top Box (STB). The ability to provide highly targeted ads benefits clients by reducing the number of unrelatable ads and only offers commercials that are likely to peak the viewer’s interest or deliver the necessary information.

saw the growing market need for targeted advertising and developed the Consumer Advertisement Insertion
software to service subscribers beyond the current “Edge” advertisement
inserters. The software is easy to install, configure, and operate. The system
requires an ingest server for uploading advertisements and a grouping server
used to create groups of Set Top Boxes designated by selected demographic data.
The operator then loads the advertisement assets and assigns them to the
desired STB groups. Now viewers will only see relevant advertisements during
commercial breaks.

Upon receiving a specific SCTE-35 formatted trigger message, the STB will playout one or more advertisements depending on the duration specified in the trigger message.  For example, a trigger with a 60 second duration specified will cause the STB to go through its inventory, find the next two 30 second advertisements, and play them out starting at the specific frame as specified in the trigger message.  When the playout completes, the STB returns to the live feed.  Those STBs not assigned to this trigger will continue watching the live program through the 60 second period or be shown a relevant advertisement for their group.

current Set Top Box model offers standard advanced features such as Electronic
Program Guide, Digital Video Recorder, and now Consumer
Advertisement Insertion. DigitalGlue is able to offer this
feature-rich device at a low price point keeping them competitive in the
market. Unlike most ad systems that require an internet connection, the Consumer Advertisement Insertion has
the ability to deliver targeted ads offline. Targeted advertisements are a
major source of profit for digital TV providers and Consumer Advertisement Insertion allows
them to maximize their ROI.

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