Recently Released MC-1 B4 to RF Lens Mount Receives RED Digital Cinema’s Prestigious Stamp of Approval


October 3, 2022 –  RED Digital Cinema is the leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras, bringing cinema-grade images and performance to content creators everywhere. The recently released MC-1 B4 to RF lens mount enables broadcast organizations and houses of worship to adopt the latest cinema technology while maximizing their existing investment in professional B4 lenses. The mount is designed specifically for RED’s DSMC3 cameras including the RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO’s multi-sensor formats and is sold exclusively by DigitalGlue at the low cost of $1,749. After rigorous testing by the RED engineering team to ensure it meets the highest level of required specifications, the MC-1 mount has officially been added to the list of  “RED Approved” third-party products.

The budget-friendly MC-1 mount, a 2022 Award of Excellence recipient at NAB, allows production teams to purchase or use a RED camera without needing a new lens, which is the most expensive part of the cinema camera assembly. Matthew Carman, Cinematographer and Creator of the MC-1, notes that “with the new MC-1 B4 to RF mount being available, it now gives RED shooters the largest selection of lens options on the market. From Wildlife to Sports we have everything covered in Broadcast Cinema.” The mount achieves HD 120 frames per second (fps) and UHD 60 fps on the RED KOMODO and HD 480 fps and UHD 240 fps on the RED V-RAPTOR by utilizing the built-in lens doubler while maintaining the lens’ zoom and aperture ranges. Now, broadcast organizations and houses of worship can achieve a broadcast cinematic look with upwards of 17 stops of dynamic range, smooth highlight roll-offs, and exceptional low-light performance. As an official RED systems integrator, DigitalGlue is able to quote and ship back-ordered RED cameras like the 6K KOMODO faster than buying retail.

Email sales@digitalglue.com or call 877.822.4683 today for a quote or to learn more about the RED Approved MC-1 mount. 

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DigitalGlue and Breakthrough Photography Develop Award-Winning First Pro B4 to RF Mount for the RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO


Murrieta, CA – May 10, 2022 – DigitalGlue, in partnership with Breakthrough Photography, is excited to announce the release of the industry’s first professional B4 to RF lens mount designed specifically for RED Digital Cinema’s V-RAPTOR and KOMODO cameras multi-sensor formats. The new MC-1 mount enables broadcast organizations to adopt the latest cinema technology while maximizing their investment in professional B4 lenses. Acknowledging its impact on the media and entertainment industry, ProductionHUB selected the MC-1 B4 to RF mount as a 2022 NAB Show Award of Excellence recipient. DigitalGlue is an official RED Digital Cinemas systems integrator and can provide a complete packaged solution. 

The invention of the B4 to RF mount saves DigitalGlue customers money by allowing them to purchase and use a RED camera without needing new lenses which are the most expensive part of the cinema camera assembly. The MC-1 mount allows HD, 120 fps on the RED Komodo and UHD, 60 fps utilizing a lenses doubler all while maintaining the lens’ zoom and aperture ranges. The RED Raptor enables HD 240 fps and UHD 120 fps through the utilization of a lenses built-doubler. Now, Broadcast organizations can achieve a cinematic look with upwards of 17 stops of dynamic range, smooth highlight roll-offs, and exceptional low light performance. 

Additionally, the RED Komodo brings its cinema global shutter for the first time to the world of live broadcast. This advancement gives broadcasters the ability to shoot both live and recorded cinematic images, maximizing their current investment in broadcast B4 lenses with a single camera. The B4 Mount will also enable video teams to extend their overall investment in the RED Digital Cinema ecosystem by allowing them to utilize their existing RF and PL based lenses, extending the overall investment in the RED Digital Cinema ecosystem. To learn more or place an order, email sales@digitalglue.com or call 949.388.9078 and press 2 for sales. 

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DigitalGlue Expands 2022 Vendor Line Card with RED Digital Cinemas Partnership


Murrieta, CA – January 12, 2022 – DigitalGlue is excited to announce its partnership with RED Digital Cinema as an official systems integrator. DigitalGlue has been trusted by the world’s top content creators and distributors for 20 years as a technology partner and provider of video solutions. Beyond the addition of RED’s array of professional digital cinematography cameras and accessories, DigitalGlue will provide customers with curated workflow solutions that bring cinematic imagery to live productions. DigitalGlue’s innovative storage solution, creative.space, has the performance needed to handle the demanding 4K, 6K, and 8K video formats RED cameras require making the dynamic duo partnership the ideal workflow the industry has been waiting for.

the RED Digital Sensor’s cinematic look, 6K and 8K options, R3D RAW workflow,
and over 16 stops of dynamic range, creatives can immerse their audiences
deeper into their storytelling. The introduction of the RED KOMODO 6K digital
cinema camera makes filmic quality digital video capture affordable to a wider
range of organizations and use cases. The KOMODO provides expanded capture
options with the addition of a live 4K SDI video output. With both RAW and
ProRes internal capture, high-quality files can be captured in camera while the
4K output feed can be used for live production. After the event is over, the
high quality files can be used to remaster the event for long-term viewing.
With a new simplified RAW compression model, organizations can strategically
balance image quality and data rate. The KOMODO cinema camera is a unique
creative tool that can adapt to any kind of content.

course with this increased capability comes an increased demand on storage and
creative.space is the best solution for the job. The entire server line-up,
from the portable //ROGUE PRO to the all-flash //BREATHLESS, is optimized for
real-time streaming of high-bandwidth video files associated with RED digital
cinema cameras.. DigitalGlue President, Sean Busby, states “the ability to
offer a very attractive discount on RED and creative.space packages will enable
teams of all sizes and budgets to optimize their workflow.” The creative.space
hardware and software platform allows teams to collaborate by connecting to the
same files locally or over the internet. RED media can be ingested directly
into the server using the on-board USB ports and the creative.space web app.
Each server also features built-in access control, an FTP server, and VPN
integration that enable both remote mounting for proxy-based video editing and
accelerated file transfers. The creative.space platform is the turnkey storage
solution for RED workflows and can save production teams time and money.

to RED? DigitalGlue team members Nick Anderson and Philip Grossman are
REDucation certified and ready to answer any and all questions on how to
optimize your workflow with RED and the creative.space platform.

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DigitalGlue Wins Coveted 3,600 sq. ft. Studio Build Out Project with Stack’s Bowers Galleries


Glass-to-Glass Systems Integrator utilizes decades of expertise to build out state-of-the-art facility 

Murrieta, CA – October 18, 2021 – DigitalGlue, trusted systems integrator and enterprise-level storage provider, has completed a 3,600 sq. ft. studio build-out for Stack’s Bowers Galleries Video Production division operating as Griffin Studios. Stack’s Bowers Galleries, established in 1933, is a world renowned, leading rare coin auction house and merchant dealer. They conduct live, internet, and specialized auctions of rare U.S. and world coins, currency, and ancient coins. Their new World Headquarters, in Costa Mesa, CA, includes a production studio, an 8-seat control room, and a large event space that can double as a secondary production studio. The new studio facility, which Stack’s Bowers Galleries entrusted to DigitalGlue to build out, not only showcases their live and online auction events but also provides a studio rental space for multi-media productions and events in Southern California.

As the Swiss Army Knife of the industry, the DigitalGlue team carries decades of experience in studio build-outs, post-production, broadcast, and distribution services. When working closely with Stack’s Bowers Galleries and their team to finalize the design of this project, DigitalGlue was able to bring knowledge from numerous areas of expertise and decades of experience. Brian Kendrella, President of Stack’s Bowers Galleries, believes that “DigitalGlue was an invaluable partner in the creation of our broadcast studio, from design to implementation to post-completion support. An important factor in choosing DigitalGlue was not only their systems integration expertise but the support they could provide as we grew and expanded our studio offerings.”

When finalizing the design of Griffin Studios, DigitalGlue took a commonsense approach; utilizing cutting-edge technology that met Stack’s Bowers Galleries production requirements today while anticipating future needs in a way that is easy to adopt and understand. One of the most notable future-aware installations is the use of a hybrid HD and 4K baseband system rather than an IP solution. Bobby White, Engineer-in-Charge on the project, explains that “when Stack’s Bowers Galleries is ready to move from HD into 4K, this innovative hybrid system will allow them to continue to rely on their existing infrastructure instead of needing to go out, buy, and learn new technologies.” The cherry on top of DigitalGlue’s multifaceted offering is its ability to identify production studio-specific staffing needs. Not only are they designing, implementing, and overseeing the studio-build out, DigitalGlue is able to give the Stack’s Bowers Galleries team experience-backed advice on the type of employees they will need to bring on board to support the success of the in-house and rental facilities long term. If you would like to learn more about DigitalGlue’s services, email sales@digitalglue.com or call 877.822.4683 today!

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DigitalGlue Builds Disaster Recovery Solution for Major Religious Broadcasting Network


Murrieta, CA – August 18, 2020 – DigitalGlue,
trusted Systems Integrator, has partnered with Trinity Broadcasting Network
(TBN), the world’s largest Christian television broadcast group, to build a
Disaster Recovery system to be located at their WWTO TV station and production
facility in Chicago, IL. The purpose-built Disaster Recovery solution will back
up TBN’s primary play-out and uplink in Tustin, CA, the Network’s headquarters,
for a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing any functionality.

The system will provide four channels of local play-out by utilizing a prior generation Harmonic Channel port/MediaGrid and Electra 9000 Series compression platform for full mirroring of TBN’s uplink channel count in Tustin, CA. Larry Haley, Vice President of Operations and Engineering at Trinity Broadcasting Networks noted that “late last year when we needed to add an HD MPEG-4/AVC channel for our Positiv Movie channel launch, new licenses to our Electra 9000 series platform were no longer available. DigitalGlue worked with Harmonic to provide an attractive upgrade plan to the latest Harmonic Electra-X series platform which allowed them to reconfigure the existing Electra 9000 system to meet our Disaster Recovery needs while staying within the budget.”

The strategic use of repurposed
equipment as part of the overall upgrade/refresh plan extends the life of the
still viable Harmonic products for the Disaster Recovery application while
saving the Broadcasting Network money. In addition to using this playout and compression
equipment, DigitalGlue will install new Satellite Modulators at the Disaster
Recovery site to maximize modular efficiency.

Redundancy is one of the most important elements of a disaster recovery solution. The TAG 22 channel MCM9000 provided the best-compressed stream multiviewer solution for source monitoring. The MCM9000 combined with the planned relocation of the redundant Cerebrum server to Chicago, which provides a system-wide monitor for the Regional TV stations as well as Tustin, will maintain network-wide distributed redundancy.

The final system element of the Disaster
Recovery project was the installation of VideoFlow DVA202 equipment. The
performance-grade DVA202 ensures reliable bi-directional IP distribution of TBN
content to and from Tustin to Chicago over IP, as well as the back-up
distribution of the core Local TBN regional stations uplink over IP to Chicago,
New York, and Phoenix.

This multi-tier approach has allowed
DigitalGlue to create and provide the most efficient Disaster Recovery solution
that is budget-friendly while maximizing functionality and data protection. To
learn more about DigitalGlue’s Disaster Recovery solutions, contact info@digitalglue.com or call 877.822.4683

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DigitalGlue Makes Enterprise Storage Easy and Affordable with creative.space Version 1.5


Atlanta, GA – February 26, 2020 – DigitalGlue has announced version 1.5 of the creative.space Web App along with a beta release of their Desktop App. Unlike current solutions in the marketplace, creative.space is the world’s first managed storage service designed specifically for creatives, eliminating the need for IT involvement. The intuitive Web App simplifies collaborative storage by providing a streamlined user experience that promotes productivity and creativity, therefore increasing revenue and decreasing expenses for their company. With the release of this new software version, creative post-production teams finally have an enterprise storage solution that adapts to their needs, fits their budget, and does not require specialized knowledge or IT training.

As a Systems Integrator, DigitalGlue has helped media organizations build and support video-centric solutions for over 18 years by combining cutting edge technology with custom software, specializing in taking complex workflows and making them simple. As the industry transitioned from tape to file-based workflows, DigitalGlue worked with customers to evaluate and select the right storage and media asset management solutions for their needs. During this process, they discovered that unrealistically high price points and overly complex, yet underdeveloped, software put existing options out of reach for most video teams.

Out of necessity, a solution was born. Rather than pay upfront for a traditional shared storage server with an annual service level agreement covering reactive support, creative.space bundles hardware, software, and proactive support into a fixed monthly rate based on a 1, 2, 3, or 5-year contract. Unlike purchasing or leasing storage, a creative.space service contract is flexible, allowing customers to adapt to changing needs with modular or complete upgrades. DigitalGlue’s proactive monitoring enables bottlenecks to be identified and addressed before rather than after they interrupt work, saving customers from unexpected delays and even data loss.

creative.space is designed for Creatives to
make storage easy, taking the complex IT-centric tasks and simplifying them
with a streamlined user experience backed by DigitalGlue’s DevOps support team.
The backend development team works with customers to build powerful API
toolsets that eliminate the need for command-line operations. The frontend team
builds user interfaces that are intuitive and practical for customers and tuned
to their workflows. As a common resource for diverse media organizations,
DigitalGlue can spread efficiencies across the entire network of creative.space
nodes. Every feature moves creative.space closer to removing technology as a
bottleneck to creative workflows.

Over the course of two years, DigitalGlue
worked with a select group of Early Adopters to build a storage platform that
is easy to deploy and maintain. The result is an enterprise storage solution
that provides scalable real-time performance with administrative tools that do
not require IT experience to use. Rather than build a proprietary solution from
the ground up, creative.space takes advantage
of the latest advances in enterprise storage hardware and open source software.

By removing the burdens of traditional storage workflows, Early Adopters were able to realize previously unattainable workflow efficiencies, saving hours each day that were repurposed in creative ways to generate more revenue in less time. Contact sales@digitalglue.com today to learn more.

Software Features Highlights


  • View and
    browse Spaces via a column view
  • Copy Path for
    any Space or folder for easy mounting
  • Restrict
    access to Spaces, folders, and files with user and group permissions for Read
    and Write, Read Only, and No Rights
  • Create,
    delete, refresh and rename folders
  • Preview and
    metadata viewing for various multimedia formats
  • Download
    files through the browser
  • Apply Folder
    Structure Templates with user-definable variables
  • Copy and Sync
    between Source and Target folders with advanced settings
  • View and
    ingest files from USB devices attached to the creative.space  system with support for
    FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, NTFS, Fuseblk, ext2, ext3, and ext4 filesystems
  • View, create,
    and apply Folder Structure Templates with under-definable variables
spaces 1 1 1024x749 1
Spaces 1
spaces 2 1 1024x567 1
Spaces 2


  • Search Groups and Users
  • Create, edit, activate/deactivate, and delete Groups and Users
  • View Groups and Users in List or Grid view and see active connections
  • Assign Roles to Users to control their visibility and available actions in the Web App
team users page 1 4 1024x566 1
Teams 1
team users page 2 3 867x1024 2
Teams 2


  • See Pool information with pie chart
  • See Space information
  • See connected users and what they are accessing via web and SMB
  • Schedule Tasks, including Snapshots with expiration dates
  • See and configure Network Interfaces
  • Set a Broadcast Name to connect to system through a name with a .local extension, instead of an IP address (BroadcastName.local)
  • See System Inventory with contextual icons
  • See and restart Services, including Samba, VPN, and the API
  • See list of API tasks with status, token, timestamp, user, object, action, and location
system 1 2 1024x566 1
Systems 1
system 2 1 1024x1024 1
Systems 2


  • Real-time
    indicators for RAM, Network and Disk I/O, CPU, and System Uptime
  • In-depth
    real-time charts showing various system metrics over time, with custom
    filtering options, including CPU, Memory, Network Interfaces, S.M.A.R.T. Drive
    stats, ZFS, Physical and Logical Reads and Writes by User, and the Database
monitor 1 1 1024x566 2
Monitor 1
monitor 2 1 1024x505 1
Monitor 2


  • Setup Wizard
  • See notifications in the menu bar via
    the bell icon to see a log of all performed tasks from the current session
  • View In Progress copy operations via a
    menu bar folder sync icon
alerts 1 1024x533 1
Get Alerts via Slack
alerts 3 1024x1017 2
Get Alerts via Email
alerts 2
Download Support Logs

(Mac Only Beta)

  • Connect to a creative.space  node via Broadcast Name
    or IP address to see available Spaces
  • Mount and unmount Spaces and/or root
    folders within Spaces
  • Search Spaces and root folders
  • View Spaces and root folders in Finder
  • Create new folders manually or via a

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