What will the future of work look like?

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In the US, there are more than 53 million freelancers, making up about 35% of the labor force. A recent report  from McKinsey illustrates that while there is a group of workers that is working on a freelance basis position, the large majority of independent workers are getting great satisfaction from working this way.

Employee engagement and overall satisfaction is unquestionably good for business. Flexibility is known to breed creativity, so if we can provide an effective way for this working-style to succeed, we have the potential to create a progressive system in which everybody wins. By leveraging a flexible and nimble staff, businesses are positioned to better adjust to ongoing project demands, tight deadlines and unique skill-sets required to reach success.

Companies that are successfully utilizing independent contractors have taken the leap to structure their business towards the independent worker- from the very core of procurement, legal and finance, to HR, how they find, source and manage their talent.  It is only a matter of time before all businesses will need to do the same. That’s where TeamPeople comes in. Not only do we have a talent cloud of 40K creative and technical talent, but we have experts in HR, legal and procurement and we take the weight of that pressure off our client’s shoulders. If you’re interested in learning more on navigating compliance with a freelance workforce, join us in our Webinar with IHAF on October 25th where we’ll uncover the legal and compliance issues surrounding the variable labor model, helping identify the pros and cons, and better understand how to operate within the boundaries of the law.

What will the future of work look Like 2

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