Last year at NAB, we introduced the Quantum F2000 – an NVMe storage server designed for the highest-performance workloads with the highest availability requirements.  The F2000 has won multiple industry awards and is in production at some of the world’s largest brands, government agencies, and major studios and post-houses.  It’s been a great year!

But there was also a consistent point of feedback from many customers – they see the benefits of NVMe (accelerate productivity, reduce infrastructure cost and complexity, gain back data center space), but not every workload requires a highly-available server and the expense that comes with that.

Enter the Quantum F1000.  The F1000 uses the same software-defined storage platform as the F2000, and provides ultra-fast streaming performance and response times, with a less expensive server platform and design.

Like the F2000, the F1000 gives users the parallel processing capabilities that are inherent with NVMe and uses RDMA networking technology to deliver SAN speeds over less expensive ethernet network infrastructure.

Also, like the F2000, the F1000 is easy to deploy as part of a StorNext file storage cluster.  And system health can be monitored anytime, anywhere by connecting to Quantum’s cloud-based monitoring software.  StorNext can even move files and folders between NVMe and nearline pools of storage, so you can get the benefits of NVMe for those workloads that require it most without committing to an all-NVMe infrastructure.

In short, if you have been researching NVMe, and thinking about how it could benefit your environment, now is the time to reach out.  We’ll work with you to design an architecture that best fits your needs, for a price point that doesn’t crush your budget.

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