We’re like anyone else: if there’s not a good reason for red tape, we’ll happily skip it. Sometimes, though, it seems there’s no work without a mountain of paperwork. Still, there’s one thing we know is important enough to require our independent contractors to carry: general liability insurance. We are so serious about it because we want clients to be as successful as possible. It may seem to slow things down up front, but we know it helps our clients pull off the best projects, productions, and events as possible.

Priceless Protection

Like all insurance, it can seem like overkill to carry insurance for just about everything under the sun. That is, until you need it. Once you’re in that position, the benefits are priceless. Keeping certificates of insurance on file positions you for stress-free, penalty-free audits. When an independent contractor doesn’t have coverage, it puts everyone involved at risk of costly audits and potential lawsuits. When you’re tied up in a legal battle or struggling to pay fines, it’s really hard to pull off flawless events, projects, or productions. Insurance protects clients in the event of property damage, audits, and more.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes clients don’t see the value in requiring insurance for what they perceive as low-risk roles, but let’s answer that first question right now and bust a myth while we’re at it: Requiring insurance for every independent contractor protects all parties. There’s no such thing as a low-risk role.

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