Delivering video securely and to scale across the enterprise is a challenging task. There are countless new security and privacy risks to be conscious of, as well as ever-evolving technologies and systems to keep up to date with. In an industry where we are faced with ageing equipment and infrastructures on a regular basis, we must find new and exciting ways to reach varied audiences with the most up-to-date and engaging content. So why do we ‘do’ video?  

Adapting To New Communication Styles

Across the globe, working environments are going through seismic changes. To put this into perspective, by 2020, 54% of the global workforce will be millennials. In India, half of the population is now under 25 – this has huge implications for the future of work.

As these new, young workers enter the working world, they’ll be bringing new attitudes and preferences with them, which will change the working world for the rest of us. 

One of the key changes that these millennials bring is an alternative view of communication and a different way of prioritizing their attention. In a work environment, this may mean that they won’t sit down and read a 40-page document, but they might just watch a 4-minute video. In order to keep up with this shifting landscape, businesses have to embrace these differences and provide the tools needed to maximize productivity – regardless of how staff choose to work and consume information.


By the year 2020 54% of the global workforce will be millennials.


In India, half of the population is now under the age of 25.

Video Consumption Is On The Rise

According to a report from Interact and Harris , which polled 1,000 US workers, lack of communication is one of the most complained about office issues. This included everything from not giving clear directions to not knowing the names of fellow workers. 

With communication and collaboration being so integral to the modern workplace, it’s clear that businesses need to improve internal comms to ensure employees remain happy and engaged. In order to do this, more and more companies are picking up video as a modern, engaging way of communicating and connecting with their staff.

And it’s not just the younger members of the team who appreciate this form of communication. According to a report by HighQ 55% of people watch videos online every day. A related report by tubular insights  also found that mobile video usage is on the rise across the board, predicting that 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2021.


Percentage of people watch videos online every day.

According to a report by HighQ .

With this surge in video adoption on the horizon, it’s clear that video will form an important part of the future of work, but it’s not just a case of moving content from one place to another. 

Successful Video Delivery Starts With Security

In order to do video properly, we need to overcome several issues, with security at the forefront. With GDPR, privacy is paramount; if you’re not ready it’s game over. Dealing with confidential material on a daily basis, we take this very seriously. Luckily, we are proud to say that we have never been hacked. In fact, one of our big channel partners in Europe, BT, challenged an ethical hacking squad to break into Kollective within 60 days and the team just could not do it.

But it’s not just security issues that businesses need to consider when planning their video strategy. When it comes to live video streaming at events, CEOs and IT teams will both tell you that nobody can truly understand what delivering a live event securely and at scale means – until you’ve experienced it for yourself. 

Register For An Event And See For Yourself

If you attended Kollective’s North America Customer Council event this year, you will already know that we’ve put together a small, but strong team to help make the process of navigating these issues and managing these types of events easier than ever. From now on, these experienced individuals will be on hand to help you before, during and after the adoption process, offering support on building engagement via video, team building ideas and strategy for live events. This dedicated team can also give advice on live event support and video best practices, so that your organization can focus on what really matters to grow and thrive. Keep communications at the heart of your business to future-proof your company.

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