Wainhouse: Converting New Video Awareness into a Lasting Video Advantage

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For years, streaming video and video conferencing vendors have stated—with authority—video is one of the most important business tools you can have in your enterprise toolbox. But adoption was slow (yet steady).

Although many understood the value of video communications, it was more of a luxury. A “nice to have.” And for quite some time, it was complex and hard to use. Some even thought you needed expensive studios, lighting and cameras to use video to its fullest potential.

But that’s changed. Over time, both video conferencing and streaming platforms have become easier to use, packed with features and are more reliable.

Fast forward to 2020. Faced with a global pandemic, how and where we work changed almost overnight. Working from home has created a completely new way of working, which includes video for everyone. Video is no longer reserved for perfectly staged all-hands meetings or fancy online trainings.

The Year of Video

It is finally the year of video. Video went from “the next best thing to being there in person” to the only way to connect face to face. In fact, a survey conducted by Forbes Insights found 71% of respondents said video communication delivers many of the benefits of meeting face to face when meeting in-person isn’t possible.1  

Adoption is at an all-time high—out of necessity. For today, many of us are working from home and pretty much isolated. Video gives us way to see and connect with our colleagues, allowing us to collaborate and innovate even when we can’t physically be together.

One basic truth of video in the corporate sector is that the more people use it, the more likely they are to crave access to even more video capabilities.

Steve Vonder Haar, Wainhouse Research Senior Analyst

Video communications—whether one-to-one or one-to-many—has become the default tool for business communications. It’s used for all-employee meetings, executive communications, learning and development (L&D) and more.

The Reality

You might be thinking, we will naturally use less video when employees return to the office. But the reality is other elements of doing business have changed too. Non-essential travel is out. Shaking hands is a no-no. And social distancing—even in the office—will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

As a result, people will no longer gather for meetings. They will continue to use video from the comfort of their individual desks. So, how do you prepare for employees’ return to the office?

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According to Wainhouse Research Senior Analyst Steve Vonder Haar, “Video is a powerful tool for business communications. It helps foster richer, more engaging experiences that help remote workers share information more effectively. But even powerful technical solutions can fall short if organizations do not first formulate a sensible game plan for implementing secure, dependable video solutions.”

In a report commissioned by Ramp, Wainhouse Research’s Steve Vonder Haar explores 10 Strategies for Honing Your Enterprise Video Game Plan as Remote Workers Return to the Office.

Consider this your definitive guide to leveraging today’s heightened video awareness into a lasting advantage. These strategies will help you formulate a sensible game plan for implementing secure, dependable video solutions.  

Are You Ready?

Maybe you are preparing to bring all—or a portion—of your employees back to the office. Or maybe you haven’t even thought about it yet. One thing is for sure, video has taken center stage as the best way to connect while working from home. Are you ready?

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1 The Visual Advantage: Harnessing Video-led Unified Communications to Drive a More Agile, Connected and Effective Culture

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