Video Delivery in Bandwidth-Constrained Locations

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Successfully getting video to remote locations is a common problem we see, especially in industries such as financial services, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. These organizations typically have a segment of the population with great connectivity at headquarters and major office locations. Then they have a number of remote locations with limited or poor connectivity. Getting required training or a live executive broadcast to these locations can be quite a challenge. Not only do they have lower bandwidth capacity than large office locations, but they also typically have business-critical applications on the network such as POS systems that cannot be negatively impacted.

Some of the great features of an eCDN solution like OmniCache™ is the ability to manage the video streaming to these locations, both in terms of time and quality, while also ensuring a great viewing experience for those audiences.

For example, with OmniCache, you can schedule videos to be pushed to the cache and stored in the remote location during a window of time when network activity is low. Then, when viewers at that location begin to watch the video, no internet network capacity is utilized, but viewers get an immediate and high quality video feed.

OmniCache can also be configured to really take advantage of adaptive bit rate streams. For example, when streaming a live executive broadcast during prime business hours, instead of sending 1080p over the internet connection, OmniCache can scale down the bit rates received to something manageable for the network at that location.

OmniCache is an intelligent caching solution for both live and on-demand video that requires no client software or plugins. You can read more about OmniCache here and learn more about video distribution behind the firewall in our white paper Five Approaches for Deploying and Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) .

From the IBM webinar Optimizing Video on Corporate Networks

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