Welcome to another entry of ‘This Week at the Q’ and our top 5 highlights! It’s been the week to learn about some of our scientific and genomic customers, and the amazing research work they contribute to society.

1. As we all adjust to the pandemic, this story made me realize no matter what our role, we all play a part in the solution. This customer’s storage grew to over 100 PB as they committed to sequencing the whole genomes of up to 35,000 people who have had COVID-19 to better understand genetic susceptibility to the virus. Read more about Genomics England’s work here , and how they built an infrastructure that could grow to hundreds of petabytes to support their critical research.

2. Scientific research data is showing massive growth, and Max Planck Society is experiencing this first-hand with scientists across the globe. This new HPCwire coverage outlines how Quantum helps protect these large volumes of unstructured data and keep it accessible to researchers.

3. We received new Gartner Peer Reviews, including this Healthcare customer.  You can read the detailed review from their CTO here .

gartner blog 1

Moving on from science and health, but sticking with Gartner Peer Reviews, check out this new customer review in the Finance industry.

gartner blog 2

4. If you want to learn more about how Quantum enables customers in financial services, we’d love to meet with you at HPC + AI Wall Street – a leading conference for customers in FinTech and Capital Markets. We’re looking forward to being a sponsor of this show that advances the conversation of next-gen innovations in HPC and AI for new revenue streams, competitive advantage, and growth.


5. And to close out, I can’t wait until international travel opens back up and I can visit Changi Airport in Singapore after reading this new blog from Quantum’s Jim Simon. Read more here to learn about how video surveillance keeps airports safe 24×7, or just to check out the world’s largest indoor waterfall!

Leave a comment if there are topics you’d like to see added to our weekly top 5 happenings!


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