How “Green” is Tape?  How About a 6.5x Reduction in CO2 Emissions Relative to Disk…


Environmental Social and Governance, or “ESG” considerations have become a major topic for big corporations and one of the factors is the power consumption and carbon emissions of data center equipment.

The LTO program recently worked with the Enterprise Storage Group to look at the sustainability benefits of replacing disk-based storage with LTO tape storage, in particular for the purpose of long-term data archiving.

The paper looks at some of the overall sustainability benefits of using LTO tape, and in particular compares CO2 emissions of disk arrays versus tape libraries.  As shown the figure below, data from Enterprise Storage Group indicates that tape libraries will deliver a 6.5x reduction in CO2 emissions relative to disk – simply by moving 500 TB of data from disk to tape

The takeaway – tape should play a key part in every organization’s ESG strategy

Many of our customers have a lot more than 500 TB of inactive data that could be suitable for long-term archiving on tape, either in a file archive or an object archive.  How much environmental benefit could you achieve by moving your inactive data to tape? 

Check out this quick read to learn more about how to build a private archive cloud with either a file or object interface using tape storage. 

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Beefing Up the Mid-Range – Introducing the ActiveScale P200 Platform


With the addition of the new mid-range ActiveScale P200, we have completed the platform refresh across the entire ActiveScale portfolio, providing significantly enhanced performance and density across all price points. To meet the increasing need for object storage, ActiveScale cost-effectively scales from terabytes to exabytes and is the only object storage platform architected for both active and cold data.

The ActiveScale P200 Object Storage Platform

The P200 – Start Small, Grow Big

The P200 is our new mid-range solution, based on a simple, converged architecture that consolidates computing, networking, and storage into a simple 3U building block for easy deployment and expansion. The ActiveScale P200 easily grows by adding multiple P200s together for unlimited scalability of capacity, performance, and object count to start small and grow big. Even as a 3U 3-node configuration, the P200 packs a lot of power in a dense package. Compared to the ActiveScale P100, on a per rack basis, the P200 provides:

  • 1.9X more capacity
  • 2.4X greater PUT performance
  • 2.7X greater GET performance
  • 6.25X more objects

In a 36U rack, a 12-node P200 scale-out cluster packs a lot of punch:

  • 7.8 petabytes of Active Class storage
  • 15 billion objects
  • Measured performance up to 37.8 GB/sec GETs and 31.9 GB/sec PUTs

The P200 replaces the P100 in the ActiveScale product line. But rest assured, no man (or node) gets left behind. Existing P100 customers preserve their pre-existing investment in P100s with the ability to expand their P100 clusters with P200 platforms, not only maximizing their investments in P100, but also capitalizing on new levels of capability and density of the P200.

The Foundation for the Next Evolution in Object Storage

In addition to being a powerful platform for any object storage need, the P200 is an ideal choice upon which to build your unstructured data management strategy. Undoubtedly, data is well recognized today as a strategic asset. Entire industries are digitally transforming with the opportunity to extract significant value from a wide variety of digital data sources. Whether you are producing petabytes of data through gene sequencing, satellites, user activities, or market data, the need to store, analyze, protect, and archive, more and more data is growing unabated.

As the only object storage platform that supports Active and Cold Storage Classes, the P200 allows you to keep more data at lower cost and access that data whenever you need to without expensive fees or complex recovery procedures.

ActiveScale P200 3GEO with Active and Cold Data

Self-protecting and disaster-tolerant expansion at up to 80% less cost using ActiveScale Cold Storage

The requirements for the next generation of massive data stores are not only that they be self-protecting and disaster-tolerant, but also that they scale cost-effectively. P200 meets this need as a powerful disaster-tolerant solution through its ability to deploy across multiple data centers with full redundancy and non-stop access even in the case of a site failure. Using three P200s, a petabyte scale cluster can be geospread across three data centers.

As data needs grow, requirements may be met by adding P200’s for active data. But moreover, as content ages, many organizations are best served by adding cold data resources at lower cost, by deploying ActiveScale cold storage , based on Two Dimensional Erasure Coding (2D EC) and the Quantum RAIL architecture. By adding just one tape library at each site, long term cold storage costs can be reduced by up to 80%.

A Powerful Platform Portfolio

The addition of the ActiveScale P200 platform completes an aggressive plan to upgrade the entire ActiveScale portfolio based on a common converged architecture. With scalability from terabytes to exabytes, ActiveScale meets the need for simple, secure, protected data platforms for backup, recovery, and content management in small commercial enterprises to the unstructured data needs of the most demanding and complex IT environments. ActiveScale provides scalable, cost effective, no compromise solutions to meet the growing demand to extract more value from these growing data stores.

ActiveScale Object Storage Platform Portfolio

ASCS Portfolio

For more information, you can download the ActiveScale datasheet here .  

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Powerful Data Protection with Half-Height LTO-9 Drives


Quantum is announcing the availability of LTO Ultrium format generation 9 half-height drives in its Scalar i3 tape libraries, Standalone Drives, and Superloader 3. This announcement is preceded by the recent ransom block feature announced last month that enhances security in the Scalar Tape Library.

Combining security with the high capacity of LTO-9 technology, customers can now have the latest in security innovation and advanced tape solutions to protect data and cope with the massive growth of unstructured data. Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries create a new and higher standard for addressing customers’ capacity and security needs allowing them to future-proof their archives.

The new LTO-9 delivers 18 TB of native capacity per cartridge and up to 45 TB with a typical compression of 2.5:1 – This is an increase of about 33% compared to LTO-8, and 7x more capacity over LTO-6 extending the value of tape with its low-cost, highly efficient storage. Half-height LTO-9 drives boast a transfer rate of up to 400 MB per second.

With cyberattacks on an upward trend, escalating and evolving with stealthy tactics, organizations need an effective method of defending data against ransomware . Tape is beneficial in many ways, but one of its primary benefits is its offline “air gap” inherent nature to isolate and protect data. This helps meet the security requirements of highly regulated industries where an offline copy is crucial to recover from should online copies be compromised. The costs that can be incurred if a ransomware attack is successful can be astronomical and compared to the cost of a half-height tape drive or tape library, it makes sense to add this form of insurance to your security arsenal to mitigate risk.

Quantum is taking orders for LTO-9 half-height drive technology available on Scalar i3, Standalone Drives, and Superloader 3. Please visit the Scalar i3 or LTO-9 webpage to learn more.

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Two Reasons that Tape Has a Bright Future Heading into 2022 and Beyond


There were two pieces of recent news about tape storage which prove that tape is alive and well, and these articles highlight two reasons why tape has a bright future in 2022 and beyond. 

Reason # 1:  There are Excellent Use Cases for Tape for Long Term Data Archiving and as part of Cyber-Resilient Infrastructures

The first news is a report published in Enterprise Storage Forum:  The Tape Storage Market in 2022 .  This report reinforces why tape is more relevant than ever in 2022, and why enterprises and large cloud providers continue to turn to tape because of its unique benefits.  In short:

  • Tape has emerged as a key technology for long term data archiving and cold data storage.  It can reliably store data for decades, and since most of the data being generated will be “cold” data – meaning inactive data that must be kept for a long time – tape is an ideal storage solution to help large enterprises manage costs and preserve access to this valuable inactive data. 
  • Tape is green.  Although this is one of the benefits of tape for long term data archiving, it deserves its own call out.  Tape consumes about 1/5th the power and cooling of HDD technology, and for any organization archiving data for many years, let alone decades, the costs of this add up.  Power and cooling costs are rising, particularly in large metro areas, and many organizations are also considering the large environmental impact of powering large data centers.  An infrastructure strategy that incorporates tape can address these issues.
  • Tape is Secure.  With the rise in ransomware and cyber-threats, it is no surprise that many organizations that have moved away from tape are now coming back.  Keeping a backup copy, or archive copy of critical data on tape provides a secure location to recover from in the event of a ransomware attack.  More on that below…

Reason # 2:  There is plenty of opportunity for innovation in tape

The second bit of news is that a Quantum tape solution, Ransom Block , has been named one of the 10 Coolest Data Storage Products of 2021 by CRN

Wait…what???  Tape is one of the coolest products in 2021???

You bet.  Quantum Scalar Ransom Block is an industry-first and helps to address one of the most pressing challenges facing enterprises today – how to build cyber-resilient infrastructure.  Ransom Block is the first solution to create a physical block between data tapes and the tape robotic system, providing the strongest air-gap solution possible.  So although tape storage systems are inherently more secure than HDD or SSD storage systems, only Quantum tape libraries offer a full suite of features for cyber-protection and cyber-resilience.  You can learn more about these features and how they are part of a comprehensive security framework here

Quantum also introduced another breakthrough innovation earlier this year with ActiveScale Cold Storage .  This is a new class of storage for ActiveScale systems that uses tape as the underlying storage medium.  So users get a true object storage system, using S3 Standard and S3 Glacier API sets, and can now build an object store using any amount of HDD and tape storage, based on their needs.  The entire solution can be deployed as-a-Service.

So the future for tape is bright, and Quantum is going to continue to innovate and lead in the use of tape for long term data archiving and cyber-resilient infrastructures. 

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AWS Outposts Meets ActiveScale Object Storage


Today is another great day for ActiveScale Object Storage . We are pleased to announce that ActiveScale is now AWS Outposts Ready .  This designation, part of the AWS Service Ready program, validates ActiveScale object storage systems in AWS Outposts deployments to provide Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) compliant services for AWS services running within an AWS Outposts environment. 


AWS Outposts is a service offering first introduced in 2019 that offers AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools within your own datacenter. In effect, the AWS cloud comes to you,- through a fully configured, rack-based system environment deployed in your own data center, co-location facility, or hosted IT environment. Consistent with AWS services in the AWS cloud, and as trending in the industry today across multiple platform vendors, AWS Outposts is sold and managed by AWS as a fully managed service.  

AWS Outposts provides a hybrid cloud solution that is fully compatible and integrates with your IT resources deployed in the AWS cloud. As an on-premises solution, AWS Outposts is particularly well suited for workloads that require: 

  • low latency access to on-premises systems,  
  • local data processing due to dependencies on in-house resources or constraints, or 
  • data residency in a specific geography or security domain. 


ActiveScale is an ideal solution for AWS Outposts as it provides industry-leading scalability, data durability, and total cost of ownership (TCO), enabled by its unique ability to cost-effectively manage both active and cold data. ActiveScale Dynamic Data Placement (DDP) incorporates advanced erasure coding and real-time algorithms to optimally place data securely across the entire ActiveScale system. DDP not only guards against data loss, component, and site failures, but also optimizes system performance. 


The increasing adoption of AWS Outposts, and recent designation of ActiveScale as an AWS Outposts Ready solution, reflect growing interest by enterprises and cloud services providers alike to adopt hybrid cloud and as-a-Service data center strategies as they evolve their infrastructures into the future. Large organizations are choosing as-a-Service solutions for their financial flexibility, agility, and simple consumption models. As another data point, note that analyst firm, IDC, predicts that Data-Center-Infrastructure-as-a-Service (DCIaaS) revenues will grow from $138M in 2020 to a whopping $14B in 2025 at a growth rate of 151.8% annually.1  Service offerings from major IT system suppliers, such as HPE Greenlake and Dell Technologies Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, also reflect this trend.  

The growing demand for on-premises data center services is consistent with Quantum’s own aggressive development of Quantum-as-a-Service solutions, for example, with our recent introduction of Quantum Object Storage Services  (QOSS). Based on ActiveScale platforms, Quantum Object Storage Services provide affordable, scalable on-prem private cloud storage services for both active and archived data sets. In this deployment scenario, Quantum owns, installs, manages, maintains, and monitors your private ActiveScale infrastructure, delivered as-a-Service, backed by Quantum expertise, service delivery tools, and AIOps-driven analytics and monitoring. Scalable from petabytes to exabytes, QOSS meets the growing demands of large enterprises, government agencies, cloud service providers and research organizations for more dynamic and flexible IT consumption models. 

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Meet Me in St. Louis – For an HPC, AI, and Analytics Extravaganza


Here at Quantum, we are excited to finally be on the road again. Next stop – St. Louis! Next week, SC21 , the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, is being held at America’s Center in downtown St Louis.

sc21 1


This event has a rich history of showcasing technical innovation in high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure and applications from across a broad spectrum of universities, supercomputing centers, national labs, and industrial research centers.

For Quantum, a couple of themes particularly resonate:

  • Managing data growth. The ongoing challenge of ingesting, analyzing, and managing massive data sets across their data lifecycle.
  • Cold data that’s not so cold. The desire to save more data from more sources, plus the need for easy and affordable access to that data now, and long into the future, for continued and periodic computational analysis and recalibration of deep learning models.

At the show, we will be highlighting our recent updates to the ActiveScale object storage platform , industry-leading security features of Scalar tape archive solutions , and StorNext NVMe, RDMA and tiered storage technologies. Most of all, we are excited to promote the success of our customers building state-of-the-art capabilities with Quantum products and solutions (for example, Genomics England ).


sc21b 1

We are also here to enjoy some fun and games. In addition to sponsoring the Petaflop , we are delighted to be co-hosting a social get together with our tech partner, Weka , to connect with our customers and the HPC community at large, and celebrate our high performance, massive scale joint storage solutions for HPC, Genomics, and AI . You don’t need to be Irish to get in ( ;o) ), but you do need to stop by the Quantum booth #918 or Weka booth #927 to claim your ticket!

We hope to see you there!

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