Video is rapidly becoming the go to channel for business communications and learning and development programs. But sending high-quality video streams across your corporate network can push it to its limit—impacting network performance and viewer experience.

It’s time to stop worrying about your network and focus 100% on your message.

Ramp can help you efficiently, reliably and securely deliver video to everyone on your network. Intrado’s streaming platforms are integrated with AltitudeCDN Multicast+ and OmniCache, simplifying the administration and management of internal video initiatives.

If you’re attending Intrado Digital Media’s Client Summit , come see us in the vendor showcase and join Ramp CEO Tom Racca for “Get Your Message Out Flawlessly, Every Time” at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 19.

Want to learn more? Meet with Ramp during Intrado Digital Media’s Telling Y/OUR Story.

Ramp is focused on helping every organization tap into the power of video communications. Our enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions facilitate unlimited and uninterrupted enterprise video streaming at the most fundamental level—the network—allowing you to focus on the message.

Our team will introduce you to Ramp AltitudeCDN, our multicasting and intelligent video caching eCDN software solutions.

Why Ramp?

• Optimizes live streams and video on demand
• Integrated with Intrado webcasting and streaming solutions
• Supports mobile, Wi-Fi and virtual desktop infrastructure
• Solves delivery problems at the infrastructure level
• 100% behind the firewall
• Enterprise-grade security with end-to-end encryption
• Centralized management and monitoring
• Insightful and actionable analytics

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