Roaring Back – Collaboration, Creativity, and Flow

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No doubt about it – creatives have battled through a year of disruption, with some hard ‘lessons learned’ in a short period of time about how to get their creative work delivered with more remote team members and ever-changing workflows – all while rising to the challenge of unprecedented content demand

Above all, creative teams have learned how resilient they can be and how to deliver no matter what’s going on–after all the ‘show’ must go on. Most customers were able to keep at least a small pilot team of creatives that worked with high-resolution content in their facility, while incorporating remote team-member contributions and making full use of proxy workflows. But there is clearly a tremendous pent-up demand to get back to full, ‘pedal to the metal’ production and truly harness the creative vision of creative teams to deliver their best work, faster. 

Like most things creative – building an environment to support the creative ‘flow’ that is as frictionless as possible is critical. 

StorNext – Designed for Collaboration and Workflow Fit 

StorNext  has always been developed and deployed with a mission to give users a truly collaborative, frictionless workflow from a file sharing and storage perspective; by empowering teams of content producers to all mount the same storage volumes natively on their workstations or servers for extraordinary read and write performance and lowest latency – in other words, ideal for multiple users accessing multiple, very high-resolution streams of video as with film or television production projects.  

And since StorNext can combine shared storage from different types of storage platforms in a complete, end-to-end management workflow, it can be easily tuned to deliver more performance where your users need it by scaling out, or adding NVMe storage  for truly eye-popping performance – or tuned to deliver economical storage at the largest scale. 

StorNext 7 – the Newest Advancement Gives You Even More Creative Choice 

Now, with the newest evolution of StorNext 7, where StorNext’s software services are containerized and delivered on Quantum’s H4000 Storage Appliance  – you can now take the full capability of StorNext into more places than ever before, giving you another dimension of ‘frictionless workflow’ that let’s you shift where you place your collaborative environment. 

Here are some examples: 

  1. Level Up to Truly Collaborative Storage: If you’ve been using a patchwork of solutions to move files around, other shared storage, or a NAS system that isn’t designed for large files with world-class video streaming performance , or just making do with a patchwork of older storage – you can have the full capability of StorNext racked and running in minutes to get your entire team working together at speed on a system that is ready to grow as fast as your business does. 
  1. Add More Capability with Precision: If you’re already using StorNext – you can quickly stand up more capability in a new department, office, or city without waiting to add more storage or infrastructure to your main StorNext environment – letting you take on new projects quickly and deliver them faster. 
  1. Take StorNext with You: When you can have a collaborative environment and storage in such a small footprint – you can explore taking your trusted StorNext environment into new places beyond your main facility – to produce live events on location or bring more ‘post-production’ closer to the set for camera ingest, DIT, special effects visualization, or more. 

We Can’t Wait to Hear You ‘Roar’ 

So, as you’re mapping out how to truly build the most creative environment for your team and get that production edge, reach out to your Quantum Value Added Reseller or your Quantum Representative to review your workflow – we can’t wait to hear about what you create! 

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