Roaring Back – Collaboration, Creativity, and Flow


No doubt about it – creatives have battled through a year of disruption, with some hard ‘lessons learned’ in a short period of time about how to get their creative work delivered with more remote team members and ever-changing workflows – all while rising to the challenge of unprecedented content demand

Above all, creative teams have learned how resilient they can be and how to deliver no matter what’s going on–after all the ‘show’ must go on. Most customers were able to keep at least a small pilot team of creatives that worked with high-resolution content in their facility, while incorporating remote team-member contributions and making full use of proxy workflows. But there is clearly a tremendous pent-up demand to get back to full, ‘pedal to the metal’ production and truly harness the creative vision of creative teams to deliver their best work, faster. 

Like most things creative – building an environment to support the creative ‘flow’ that is as frictionless as possible is critical. 

StorNext – Designed for Collaboration and Workflow Fit 

StorNext  has always been developed and deployed with a mission to give users a truly collaborative, frictionless workflow from a file sharing and storage perspective; by empowering teams of content producers to all mount the same storage volumes natively on their workstations or servers for extraordinary read and write performance and lowest latency – in other words, ideal for multiple users accessing multiple, very high-resolution streams of video as with film or television production projects.  

And since StorNext can combine shared storage from different types of storage platforms in a complete, end-to-end management workflow, it can be easily tuned to deliver more performance where your users need it by scaling out, or adding NVMe storage  for truly eye-popping performance – or tuned to deliver economical storage at the largest scale. 

StorNext 7 – the Newest Advancement Gives You Even More Creative Choice 

Now, with the newest evolution of StorNext 7, where StorNext’s software services are containerized and delivered on Quantum’s H4000 Storage Appliance  – you can now take the full capability of StorNext into more places than ever before, giving you another dimension of ‘frictionless workflow’ that let’s you shift where you place your collaborative environment. 

Here are some examples: 

  1. Level Up to Truly Collaborative Storage: If you’ve been using a patchwork of solutions to move files around, other shared storage, or a NAS system that isn’t designed for large files with world-class video streaming performance , or just making do with a patchwork of older storage – you can have the full capability of StorNext racked and running in minutes to get your entire team working together at speed on a system that is ready to grow as fast as your business does. 
  1. Add More Capability with Precision: If you’re already using StorNext – you can quickly stand up more capability in a new department, office, or city without waiting to add more storage or infrastructure to your main StorNext environment – letting you take on new projects quickly and deliver them faster. 
  1. Take StorNext with You: When you can have a collaborative environment and storage in such a small footprint – you can explore taking your trusted StorNext environment into new places beyond your main facility – to produce live events on location or bring more ‘post-production’ closer to the set for camera ingest, DIT, special effects visualization, or more. 

We Can’t Wait to Hear You ‘Roar’ 

So, as you’re mapping out how to truly build the most creative environment for your team and get that production edge, reach out to your Quantum Value Added Reseller or your Quantum Representative to review your workflow – we can’t wait to hear about what you create! 

Join Our Live Talk – June 22, 2021 

Join us for our live talk – Collaboration Just Got Easier – on June 22 where we’ll discuss how to build a collaborative workflow quickly and the deployment scenarios outlined above in more detail.  

Register for Live Talk Now  

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Announcing the H4000 with StorNext 7 – Fast, Collaborative Production Just Got Easier

Block Storage

If the new pace of production and sheer sprawl of content and unstructured data that you need to manage, organize, and protect seems overwhelming – you’ll be glad to know that big help–in a small package–is on the way. 

The Full Capabilities of StorNext Platform – Now Fits in Only 2U 

Today, we’re pleased to announce the newest, fastest StorNext ever on a converged appliance from Quantum. Together, StorNext 7 on the new H4000 appliance  deliver a complete StorNext environment that fits in only 2 rack units. And when you can place the full capabilities of StorNext, the world’s fastest collaborative, shared file platform in more places than ever before, it will change how and where you think about your critical workflows. 

Take Your Solutions to the Edge – Move More of the Studio to the Set 

By converging all of the capabilities of StorNext , the world’s fastest collaborative, shared file platform into a single appliance, you can get racked and running in minutes whether you’re adopting StorNext for the first time or adding more power and capability quickly to your existing environment: 

  • Bringing Your Entire Team Together Just Got Easier: Make the leap to a unified, end-to-end workflow for a new level of efficiency and faster time to delivery. 
  • Adding New Teams and Projects Anywhere Just Got Easier: Extend your existing StorNext environment quickly to a new office or for a new project without complex infrastructure buildout. 
  • Analysis and Insight at the Edge Just Got Easier: Move high-performance analysis and critical solutions closer to the point of capture for faster insight and action.
  • Bringing Post to Set Just Got Easier: Bring post-production to the set – from ingest, to pre-visualization, to rough cuts.  

The new H4000 truly lets StorNext 7 – and your workflow fly: 

  • Ultrafast end-to-end architecture on PCIe 4 and the latest multi-core processors. 
  • New unified interface to manage the entire StorNext environment and the H4000.
  • Converged architecture to deliver all of the capabilities and services of StorNext. 
  • Flexible storage options to deliver 12 or 24 bays of storage and up to 160 TB or 307 TB. 
  • Flexible connection options to deliver your optimum mix of network and connection technologies including 100 Gb Ethernet and 32 Gb Fibre Channel.  

Join Our Live Talk on May 18! 

We’ll be taking you through all the features and all the ways you can get the most from StorNext 7 on the H4000 – join us here .

Until then, you can read more H4000 Series details here  or contact  your Quantum representative or Value-Added Reseller to review your workflow. 

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Join us at Tech Field Day!


Quantum is pleased to present at the upcoming Tech Field Day , held virtually on Dec 9th

Tech Field Day is an event unlike any other in the industry.  At each Tech Field Day, a group of technical influencers and experts, called delegates, participate with leading IT vendors to explore products and their technical underpinnings.  There are no sales pitches or marketing presentations at Tech Field Day events.  Instead, vendors provide a deep dive into their product architectures and give the delegates the opportunity to probe deeper via live questions which represent the perspectives of technical end users.  These events are open to anyone to watch live, and all the presentations are made public shortly after the event. 

At the next event, Quantum will share another significant step in our vision to lead in video and unstructured data solutions and represent a key shift in focus from ‘storing’ data to ‘managing’ data. This event is a great way to learn about Quantum’s underlying technology that differentiates ActiveScale from other products.

 Follow along live via twitter @TechFieldDay or online during the time slots below. 

Time (PT) Section Speaker
8:00AM Quantum Company Overview Ed Fiore, Primary Storage, General Manager
8:20AM Object Storage and ActiveScale Introduction Thomas Demoor, ActiveScale  Lead Architect
9:00AM ActiveScale Layered Architecture  Thomas Demoor, ActiveScale, Lead Architect
9:20 AM ActiveScale Product Summary Thomas Demoor, ActiveScale, Lead Architect
9:30AM ActiveScale – Product Demonstration Sherman Schorzman, ActiveScale Technical Marketing Engineer
tech field day logo

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Re-Imagining Quantum’s Portfolio for Managing Unstructured Data


This week, we made a significant announcement, introducing an expanded portfolio focused on classifying, managing, and protecting unstructured data across its lifecycle. The new products we introduced represent another significant step in our vision to lead in video and unstructured data solutions and represent a key shift in focus from ‘storing’ data to ‘managing’ data. 

Accelerating Data Growth, Data Movement, and Use of Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud

Our customers are dealing with massive unstructured data sprawl – video, digital images, and other forms of unstructured data are growing by 30-60% per year. Many of our customers have millions or billions of files and lack visibility into what they have, and where it lives. This lack of visibility combined with the velocity of data growth is putting pressure on infrastructure costs and forcing companies to rethink infrastructure designs. 

At the same time, the COVID pandemic has resulted in permanent changes to the workforce, driving more data movement (between edge / core / cloud), and an acceleration in the adoption of hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud. The emergence of AI and machine learning techniques provide new tools to leverage this data, and is also driving new lifecycle and ‘workflow’ requirements for this data, including a desire to preserve and protect this data and keep it accessible for decades. 

All of this adds up to what we see as the key challenge facing our customers in this decade – how to unlock business value out of all of this data, and manage this data across the entire multi-decade lifecycle of this data.

Manage Unstructured Data, Across Any Workload, End-to-End with Quantum

Our expanded portfolio can help our customers tackle this challenge, starting with new ways to classify and manage data across its lifecycle, for any workload, end-to-end. This expanded portfolio is depicted and summarized below:

atfs graphic

The new announcements include:

  • New ways to visualize, automate, and purposefully place data, with Quantum’s All-Terrain File System (ATFS) , a next-gen storage platform targeted at the NAS market. 
  • StorNext 7 The latest version of Quantum’s high-performance file system, for high throughput low-latency workloads. StorNext 7 introduces new features like file system pools that optimize the use of NVMe for production storage, as well as new ways to program and manage the file system.
  • An expanded ActiveScale object storage portfolio , including a new 3-node object storage system, object lock to protect against ransomware, and small object aggregation to improve the performance of small objects.

Lastly, all of these new offerings are available on a capacity basis, with new all-inclusive software licensing that aligns our licensing with the value we are delivering to customers. 

We look forward to engaging with customers and partners on this expanded portfolio – to learn more, please register for our VirtualQ I Transform event where we will be showcasing all of these new solutions.

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This Week at the Q


Welcome to another entry of ‘This Week at the Q’ and our top 5 highlights!

1. We have some great new explainer videos highlighting some key features of our ActiveScaleTM software that ensure data availability and integrity with a hands-off experience. Intelligent Dynamic Data Placement (DDP) and Dynamic Data Repair (DDR) are key to data’s long-term viability by monitoring data health and providing repair when errors are discovered. Learn more about DDP here and DDR here .

2. Customer success is always a favorite highlight in our week! This week we feature Canal Extremadura in Spain. As they made the transformation from a traditional radio and TV business to a modern multimedia corporation, they also needed to revamp a complex and aging IT infrastructure. Quantum collaborated and provided the content access and scalability needed for an evolving business.  Read more in Canal Extremadura’s case study here .


3. Check out this new case study from our partner, Chesa. Cortina Productions, located in the DC metro area, designs and produces multimedia experiences for museums, cultural institutions, visitor centers, and aquariums across the world. With 4D theaters, and AR and VR experiences, they’re on the forefront of technology. We’re proud to have partnered with Chesa to help manage Cortina’s data more efficiently and with improved accessibility to support their more complex projects and rapid growth.

4. Want to run a cloud-based application against data that StorNext® has stored in the cloud? Need access to that data from other sites? Looking to share files with business partners via the cloud? It’s all possible! Read more in this new blog from Dan Duperron.

5. Did you miss our pumpkin carving event? Learn from the master pumpkin carver from Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. You can check out the replay here – and enter our contest by posting your photos with hashtag #QuantumTransformedPumpkins. We will announce winners on social media!

quantum pumpkin image

Leave a comment if there are topics you’d like to see added to our weekly top 5 happenings!


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This Week at the Q

Archive Storage

Wondering about the role object storage plays in managing unstructured data, and when it’s the best option?  We have several new articles covering this, and more, in this week’s Top 5 happenings. 

1. VMblog.com published a new article, “The Cost and Value of Object Storage.” Object stores have long found a home in the cloud and inside data centers as long-term repositories for high-value data, but with demand for storage capacity growing daily, can you reap the benefits of object stores within budget?  In this new coverage, Quantum’s Technical Director, Matt Dewey, answers this and discusses the critical role object storage can play in managing unstructured data growth.

2. Another good read, and follow on, from Matt can be found on Continuity Central. Unstructured data is proliferating, creating both compliance and recovery risks. Matt explains why object storage is a promising option to help deal with this issue, and covers how to leverage data cataloging and management as the keys to success in “Addressing the risks related to unstructured data through the use of object stores.”

3. In this new blog, “Blocks, Files, Objects: What is Right for Your Application?” Rob Renzoni, Sr. Director Technical Sales at Quantum, points out how storage administrators have many storage-format options to choose from, such as block, object, file, and NAS. Making the right choice when selecting which format will best serve your organization’s data and workflow needs is critical to overall success. A poor choice can lead to data and application services delays, inflated costs, lack of scalability, complex management frameworks, and a host of other issues. He digs into some of the format options and what workflows they are best suited for.

4. I grew up watching Sir David Attenborough, and his inspiring coverage of our natural world. If you ever need a reminder of how amazing and beautiful the world we live in is, tune in to one of his shows! So I was excited to learn about the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) in this newly published case study . BAS enables international scientists to conduct world-leading research in the Earth’s polar regions. Quantum Scalar tape libraries allow researchers to protect large volumes of critical research data while their ship – the RRS Sir David Attenborough – is at sea. Once each research trip ends, the IT team transports the high-capacity tapes back to the data center in England, where the organization makes the data available to a broad scientific community. I love knowing we’re a part of such incredible work!

BAS case study

5. We have big product news coming soon – in fact, three big pieces of product news, because they say the best things come in threes!  Register here for our upcoming VirtualQ | Transform event , on Thursday, November 19th, where we will be showcasing these new solutions, and more, in three tracks:

Data Management: The Need for Insights, Automation, and Visualization

Accelerate Time to Insights: The Future of StorNext and High-Performance Computing

Protect and Preserve: Assuring Data Accessibility Today and Into the Future


Leave a comment if there are topics you’d like to see added to our weekly top 5 happenings!


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