Multicast Monday! If you’ve been following my blogging journey, you know I’ve
been taking a deep dive into AltitudeCDN™ Multicast+ ,
but there’s more to the Ramp story. I recently introduced you to AltitudeCDN™
, our web-based management system, and today, I thought I’d
introduce you to Multicast+’s sibling.

addition to offering a next-generation multicast solution, we also have an intelligent
caching solution called AltitudeCDN™ OmniCache™ .
To put it simply, OmniCache brings your video closer to viewers to save
bandwidth, reduce network congestion and improve viewer experience.

How does it work?

you realize it or not, caching has been around for some time. In fact, it’s one
of the main reasons you don’t get frustrated when visiting your favorite
website. Caches are used to store data—like images and multimedia—so future
requests for that data can be served faster and with minimal delay.

We’ve taken that same
concept and enhanced it for video distribution behind the firewall. OmniCache is
purpose-built to store large media in a way that minimizes latency—because
let’s face it, latency is the enemy of a great video experience. Our software
is installed on servers in strategic locations around your network, close to
concentrations of viewers. When the first viewer requests the video, the cache
retrieves it from your video source, whether it’s Microsoft, Brightcove or
another platform, and stores a local copy at the cache. When another viewer in
the same location requests the video, they receive it from the local cache—not
the source origin.

Now fewer
video streams are travelling across the corporate internet connection and WAN
links, reserving precious bandwidth for mission-critical applications. With
less distance to travel, employees also enjoy a high-quality, glitch-free
experience with faster start times (making your CEO and your employees happy!).

Is OmniCache right for you?

Now that
you understand the OmniCache basics, you might be wondering if it will help you
up your business video game. As you start looking at eCDNs, consider the
following benefits of OmniCache:

  • Single
    solution for live and video on demand (VOD)
  • No
    client software or plugin required
  • Supports
    any device, including mobile devices
  • Supports
    any video source and any player technology (a.k.a. vendor neutral)
  • Deploys
    100% behind the firewall
  • End-to-end
    video encryption
  • Self-discoverable
    and self-healing for exceptional resiliency
  • Video
    pre-positioning to further optimize network performance
  • Robust
  • Easy
    to manage and scale

choosing the right enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) for your
organization can feel overwhelming at first. Every approach is different, and
every eCDN has pros and cons. For a quick overview, check out our eCDN
comparison guide

In the
end, what eCDN you choose has to do with your network, how you’re using video
as well as your organization’s unique needs—and we can help you explore your
options. Contact
us to learn more or request a demo

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