Microsoft Teams Adoption Spikes 50% in the Last 4 Months

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Microsoft Teams has reached 20M daily active users, up 50% in just 4 months. With this rapid adoption, it is obvious that teams all over the world know the value of easily accessible collaboration and communication tools. But Teams isn’t the only player in this field. The competition in the market is fierce .

Building a team is no easy task and creating an environment where all team members have a voice, where discussions can happen in real time, regardless of geography or language barriers and where teams can make business-critical decisions is even harder. That’s why more and more organizations are adopting Microsoft Teams. They know the value of uniting their dispersed workforce to strengthen culture, maximize engagement and, most importantly, increase productivity.

If you have ever been a part of a thriving, balanced and successful team, you know how amazing that can be. Along with their growth announcement, Microsoft has put in time and resources on some very compelling research on “The Art of Teamwork”. Microsoft Teams is designed to help every team achieve it. By following Microsoft’s Art of Teamwork Guide , your team can achieve the following benefits:

  • Team Purpose: Keeps teams focused, fulfilled, and aligned on achieving their objectives.
  • Collective Identity: Fosters a sense of belonging and helps team members work together as a unit.
  • Awareness and Inclusion: Enables teams to navigate interpersonal dynamics and value everyone’s perspective.
  • Trust and Vulnerability: Encourages interpersonal risk-taking in teams.
  • Constructive Tension: Serves as a generative force for new ideas, driving better outcomes.

The overall idea being, if you can achieve those five things within your own team when tensions or conflict arise, rather than pulling the team apart, it will lead to innovation and transformational outcomes including a thriving company culture, enhanced decision making and more engaged team members. And who doesn’t want all of that? If you haven’t already, get your team up and running on Microsoft Teams and put these “Art of Teamwork” ideas into practice.

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