Last week, 30,000 people descended upon Orlando, Florida to take part in the annual event that outlines Microsoft’s vision for the future. True to form Satya Nadella kicked off the event with an inspirational message of customer commitment, open data sharing and a commitment to give back to humanity. The keynotes, sessions, Expo time and meetings kept our team very busy. For those of you that weren’t able to attend, we compiled our four takeaways:

1. Surplus created by tech intensity should be shared

2. Customer centric bundling of Microsoft products

3. The partner ecosystem and enterprise infiltration are strong

4. Data is the tie that binds

In Satya’s keynote, he illustrated how tech intensity (the access to technology and the extensive use of technology for improvement) will create a surplus that needs to be distributed equitably across society. He introduced an initiative called AI for Humanitarian Action . This commitment to social improvement clearly communicates Satya’s personal values, but also the power of Microsoft as a social change agent.

As I watched the unveiling of Microsoft 365 , I was excited to see more bundling of products and the responsible product teams into groups that form whole solutions at Microsoft. The days of product selling have gone by the way side and the focus has shifted to building solutions that solve customer problems. This is a huge win for customers and partners of Microsoft.

Those partners and customers form a very solid foundation of strength for Microsoft. The mere fact that there were 30,000 people in Orlando for the last week of a calendar quarter speaks volumes of Microsoft’s influence within their customer and partner base. There were thousands of booths on the expo floor, and hundreds of sessions for attendees to choose from. It was my first Ignite, but many of people I spoke with, that had been in previous years, felt that this year was the biggest and best yet.

As the tech intensity infiltrates the world, the amount of data that is generated will continue to increase and need to be accessed with ease. Adobe, SAP and Microsoft understand the importance of sharing that data and have formed an Open Data Initiative that will help share more data with their customers. This is a perfect fit for companies like ours, because we are in the business of moving data across the enterprise (behind the firewall) with ease and we’re proud to do that with Microsoft.

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