Microsoft Ignite 2018: A network foundation for the future of work

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The last twelve months have seen the world of business communications and corporate IT thrown into a state of near constant transformation. With both the new generation and existing workers demanding increasingly consumer-grade technologies in the workplace, enterprise IT teams are struggling to keep up.

With more employees than ever expecting to work remotely and consumer technologies such as Skype and FaceTime driving a trend for more video communication, enterprises across every sector are looking to adopt the tools that will help them prepare for the future of work.

At the same time, businesses are also going through a second workplace revolution. A combination of growing security concerns and ‘as a service’ software models are driving a trend for increasingly regular, near constant, software updates and system upgrades. These continuous updates are adding a whole new layer of complexity to the role of IT, placing greater strain on corporate networks already burdened by real-time video use.

These are just some of the challenges that will be addressed as this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference.

Held in Orlando, Florida September 24-28, Microsoft Ignite brings together thousands of corporate decision makers, IT implementers, big data professionals and developers, to showcase the latest enterprise technologies and to help plan for IT’s role in the future of work.

At this year’s show, Kollective is showcasing our latest advancements in enterprise video and software-defined enterprise content delivery. We will be doing in-booth demos of the most sophisticated analytics platform for the enterprise ECDN – Kollective IQ. It looks amazing, performs better, and allows user to explore, mine, and build intelligent dashboards. It enables you to push analytics reporting in real time to whomever needs them, however each unique user wants them. We will also be announcing our integration with Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams and Windows 10 to help enterprise IT teams prepare for the future of work.



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Visit Kollective at Booth #2015

To find out how your business can benefit from software-defined content delivery, or to discover more about the future of enterprise IT, stop by booth #2015 at this year’s Microsoft Ignite. Or email us to setup an appointment.

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