Meet the New ActiveScale: Dynamic Capacity for Dynamic Growth – Take Your Data Storage from Terabytes to Exabytes

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Our world is being digitized at a dizzying rate. Unstructured data, such as entertainment videos, surveillance, weather, and geospatial data – is growing at up to 60% per year, and it is projected to comprise 80% of all data on the planet by 2025. Today, the amount stored is already approaching 150 zettabytes (IDC, 2020) while growing by the minute. This staggering growth is coming from a variety of sources, including video production, satellite imagery, telemetry, web-scale applications, gene sequencing, and IoT sensors, just to name a few.

Unstructured data sets are huge and often reach petabytes to even exabytes in size, making the classic NAS and SAN storage architectures unable to store and manage them. And, today’s data not only needs to be stored and protected; it also needs to be accessible by the people who need it, when they need it. Scientists, creative professionals, and business analysts each need immediate and ongoing access to their data from which to gain new insights and to monetize its underlying value.


On June 24, Quantum made a significant announcement to address the demanding requirements to support unstructured data as we unveiled the latest generation of ActiveScale object storage software and systems – namely, ActiveScale 6.0 software and the new ActiveScale X200 platform. Together, they provide unlimited scalability in terms of capacity, object count, and performance, while ActiveScale’s unequalled data durability, system availability, and data security are not sacrificed.


The ActiveScale 6.0 scale-out software architecture is key to achieving robust scalability. With ActiveScale, you can seamlessly expand your compute, networking, and storage resources to easily address increasing workloads. ActiveScale Dynamic Data Placement (DDP) incorporates advanced erasure encoding, data encryption, and real-time heuristics to optimally place data securely across the entire ActiveScale cluster. DDP not only guards against data loss, component, and site failures, but also optimizes total system throughput across the cluster. DDP essentially prevents the intrusive data rebalancing that plagues many other object storage systems and inhibits their scalability in real-life scenarios.


The ActiveScale X200 object storage platform is a new converged system. It combines the latest generation of high-density, high-capacity servers with the latest ActiveScale software advancements. When compared with our previous generation X100, a 3-module X200 cluster fits in an equivalent data center rack, providing:

  • 78% greater storage density (14.6 PB raw)
  • Up to 7X greater sustained throughput (51 GB/sec)
  • 6X more objects (30B)

Consolidating this much capacity and computing power in the same floor space significantly reduces operational costs, while also delivering greater access and performance. Plus, by seamlessly adding additional X200 modules, capacity, performance, and object count can be expanded as data grows. (Note also that current customers benefit with the ability to expand their existing ActiveScale clusters with the X200 new platform)!


To put this in perspective with our expanded portfolio, ActiveScale can now be deployed for as small as a few 100 terabytes and as large as 100 exabytes and beyond, all within a single, easy-to-use system.

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In other exciting news, in addition to ActiveScale X200 being available through Quantum and our stellar partner network, ActiveScale 6.0 software is now available through Supermicro and their resellers when bundled with qualified Supermicro servers. To learn more, click here .


Learn more about ActiveScale 6.0 and its rich feature set, plus the new X200 platform.

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