Today we are excited to announce our newest release of AltitudeCDN™. Version 2.1 is the second release of the year for our highly-sought eCDN platform.

Enhancements to our intelligent caching solution, OmniCache™ , and the industry’s only multicast solution for HTML5 video, Multicast+ , are giving network administrators unprecedented control over the way video traffic streams across their corporate network. Highlights from this year’s product releases include:

Predictive Video Delivery with On-Demand Video Pre-Positioning
Large scale on-demand video events, such as pre-recorded executive messages or required training, can cause a temporary spike in bandwidth utilization. Now, instead of waiting for the first viewer requests to populate your OmniCaches, you can schedule videos to be pre-positioned to the caches during windows of low network activity. Not only are you better managing network resources, your viewers get the benefit of faster start times.

Upstream Video Routing Intelligence
This new option to override DNS resolvers adds a layer of upstream routing intelligence to OmniCache. If your organization uses enterprise redirection for steering video requests to video sources and caching servers, this option allows you to specify an alternate set of DNS resolving servers for incoming requests.

Intelligent Sourcing for Even More Optimal Traffic Routing
Our new OmniCache sourcing engine lets you define rules for intelligently retrieving video from the most optimal source depending your network configuration, including from another OmniCache. This capability also improves redundancy by allowing multiple OmniCache nodes to be configured as the primary path to a video source and allowing fallback paths to groups of caches.

Simplified Configuration for Multicast+ High Availability
Provisioning high availability coverage for live events is now easier than ever. By using our centralized management and monitoring interface, Altimeter, a group of Multicast+ senders is easily configured to provide high availability services with improved accuracy for these configuration options.
Existing customers of Ramp are always welcome to upgrade their eCDN solutions at any time. To learn more about these product updates or to request more information about AltitudeCDN, contact us .

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