The holidays are upon us and so are the sales. You’ll find tech, entertainment, gadgets and experiences for everyone from those who are averse to letting new items cross the threshold of their home to your tech savvy loved ones. Here’s our curated list for just about everyone in your life—from the tech junkies to the minimalists (and maybe even for yourself)!

For When Your Loved One is Ready to Toast to a New Year

Get a wine  / beer / liquor  subscription or a home-brewing hard cider , beer , or wine kit if they’re extra adventurous.

For Your Family

Have some fun  together.

For The Crunchy Folks

This Wellness Mama list  is for the granola-bar making mamas looking for an environmentally friendly/healthy option for everyone from their kids to the grandparents.

For The Tech Enthusiast

45 of the best tech gifts  for the gamers, gear junkies, and media fans in your life.

For The Minimalist

Minimalists don’t want things…at least not things they didn’t thoughtfully consider before allowing into their lives. So for people who want nothing, you’re better off either getting something very personal or sticking with experiences. Yep, it’s harder to think of ideas for that than just to grab a mug with the person’s initial on it at Target, but this list of ideas will help.

For The Travel Lover

This might be the perfect time to buy something for travelers itching to get back out to see the planet. This list sticks to gift cards because, while those living on the edge might be ready to book a nonrefundable option, most people will probably still feel a little safer with flexible options.

Bottom Line

It may seem early to start thinking about

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