If this were a usual year, you might be hosting in-person events that connect with your customers, build relationships with new clients, and show your company’s value. For the time being, that may not be possible — but it doesn’t mean you have to lose that source of connection.

You may have noticed the rise in virtual events as a safe alternative to on-site conferences, trade shows and field events. Those virtual events are where you provide thought leadership and promote your offerings to your guests.

VideoLink delivers the video services that empower you to delight your audience at a time that requires social distancing. The VideoLink team does it all from pre- to post-production: adapting live events for virtual presentation, putting together a compelling story, and hosting a well-produced event that reflects well on your company.

Next week, VideoLink’s Stu Siegal, their creative director, will be sharing two posts to help you plan and fund your virtual events:

  • Top Five Virtual Event Strategies for Success – Stick the landing at your next virtual event with our top five strategies for success.
  • How to Sign Sponsorships for Virtual Events – Sign more sponsors for your next virtual event by following this eight-step plan.

In the meantime, bookmark the VideoLink blog site, where you’ll find helpful resources that explain ways to create an outstanding live video production that impresses your audience. Town halls, webcasts, on-location events: the VideoLink team covers these and other topics that will help you understand the power of video to increase brand awareness, recruit students or employees, and share updates within your organization.

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