How “Green” is Tape?  How About a 6.5x Reduction in CO2 Emissions Relative to Disk…

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Environmental Social and Governance, or “ESG” considerations have become a major topic for big corporations and one of the factors is the power consumption and carbon emissions of data center equipment.

The LTO program recently worked with the Enterprise Storage Group to look at the sustainability benefits of replacing disk-based storage with LTO tape storage, in particular for the purpose of long-term data archiving.

The paper looks at some of the overall sustainability benefits of using LTO tape, and in particular compares CO2 emissions of disk arrays versus tape libraries.  As shown the figure below, data from Enterprise Storage Group indicates that tape libraries will deliver a 6.5x reduction in CO2 emissions relative to disk – simply by moving 500 TB of data from disk to tape

The takeaway – tape should play a key part in every organization’s ESG strategy

Many of our customers have a lot more than 500 TB of inactive data that could be suitable for long-term archiving on tape, either in a file archive or an object archive.  How much environmental benefit could you achieve by moving your inactive data to tape? 

Check out this quick read to learn more about how to build a private archive cloud with either a file or object interface using tape storage. 

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