Closing the Imagination Gap

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It’s hard to imagine what you don’t see, and what we aren’t seeing is women in tech production roles.  At least not as many, not to mention, the lack of diversity for both women and men. The annual Boxed In Study reveals that the employment of women as directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors and DPs has essentially frozen, “with no meaningful progress over the last decade.” Women filled only 27% of those key roles at the broadcast networks in 2017. In an industry that by its very nature is progressive and innovative, keeping up with the latest in trend and technology, it falls short when it comes to empowering women in these roles.

What can we do to drive a paradigm shift towards supporting women in tech? We need to become a catalyst for change. That’s why conversations like the ones happening all over the world today on International Women’s Day are so important, not only to highlight individual success stories but to empower others to imagine the possibilities. While the proof isn’t in the numbers quite yet, the glimmer of hope is growing brighter. Luciana Cavalho Se, Head of Partnerships at the Virtual Reality agency, Rewind, says “Never before has equal opportunity been so high on the agenda. Never before have women been more ready to lead.”

There’s no better way to challenge the traditional stereotypes of what a (director, editor, photographer…) looks like than by showing the world- with real faces, stories, and insights. TeamPeople will be hosting a webinar, details coming soon, highlighting some of the most instrumental women in Cable and Broadcast and their unique journeys into the technical roles they hold and the challenges they’ve overcome. Email us here to be the first on our exclusive invite list.

It’s no secret, our company is powered by many creative and technical female leaders. In fact, one of the company’s principals, Susan Wittan, has a special place in her heart for empowering women in their technical careers. With her experience as an editor for the Sarajevo Olympics, the Reagan political campaign, ABC News – World News Tonight and Good Morning America, she’s experienced the world of news and broadcast from the inside out and has been trailblazing the industry from the very beginning. Here’s a peek of her in action back in the day:

Susan Women in Tech 3Susan Women in Tech 2














Do you know a woman engineer, technician, director, editor or photographer looking to advance their career? Refer them to TeamPeople! We’re connecting top creative and technical talent to major broadcast networks, government agencies and Fortune 500’s across the globe.

We’re actively looking for ways to improve diversity in our teams across the country and support more women obtaining technical careers. We believe that by painting a picture of what is possible for women in tech, we start to inspire and motivate others to join us on this journey. We start to close the imagination gap for young women who are imagining their career path and looking for inspiration and examples of what is possible for their future. See our own women behind the camera in our recent Instagram.

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