As AVI-SPL and Whitlock Merge, the Customer Remains the Focus

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In recent weeks, the offices of AVI-SPL have been buzzing with activity — much like the buzz that was generated when it was first announced that AVI-SPL and Whitlock would merge into one digital workplace services provider. The number one and number three companies on the SCN Top 50 of systems integrators were joining forces. And as you might expect, the news reports focused on the economics: the value and size of the new corporate giant

Much of the activity, particularly at AVI-SPL’s Tampa headquarters, has been focused on ways to bring the companies’ operations together while providing the same high levels of service that clients of AVI-SPL and Whitlock have come to expect. In a letter to customers, AVI-SPL’s EVP of Global Sales and Marketing Dale Bottcher did more than reassure them about the dedication and support they expect will be there. He let them know that the services and solutions they’ve come to rely on were going to get even better. He emphasized the need to pair collaboration spaces with the support services that lead to the best possible experience for end users and IT operations.

Actions are backing up his words. The constant flow of meetings and training sessions among AVI-SPL and Whitlock reveals the commitment to maintain and build upon the excellence that have made both companies so valuable to their clients around the world.

Bottcher’s letter expresses the practical value the merger will have not just for current customers, but those who are seeking a partner for their digital workplace transformation: the ability to quickly reach their collaboration and business goals. Research has shown that the number of video-enabled meeting spaces in the business world continues to grow — and for good reason.  Organizations that value video collaboration are able to optimize their investment in office space while offering the flexibility to work from anywhere and tap into the knowledge of teams working together. And because of these benefits, companies are positioned to attract and keep the talent that drives their growth.

If you’re seeking a partner for improving or building from scratch a workplace collaboration experience that benefits the entire company, I encourage you to let AVI-SPL know your challenges. I also encourage you to review AVI-SPL’s thought leadership on workplace collaboration. A great starting point is our 2019 Concept Catalog, which offers advice on how to build a digital workplace committee to ensure your workplace solutions align with business goals and the necessary user experience.

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