Are you Experiencing Unstructured Data Sprawl?

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Internet-connected machines and devices, such as video cameras, high-resolution image capture on manufacturing floors, data logging in connected cars, surveillance cameras, drones, and more are producing massive volumes of unstructured data at the rate of Terabytes per day (and in some cases Terabytes per hour). 

Some quick math:


We are finding that this “machine and device-generated” unstructured data may not always be visible to CIOs, and large enterprises are suffering from unstructured data sprawl. If you are storing much of this data in the cloud, you may have multiple copies that you are paying for every month.

How Do You Protect and Store Your Unstructured Data for Decades?

The typical approach is to keep doing what you are doing – keep it all on scale-out NAS and try to protect it as best you can. But in the face of the exponential velocity and volume of this data being generated, traditional approaches are breaking down. Compounding the problem is that much of this data needs to be stored and protected for decades. This introduces an added element of complexity – how do you protect multiple PB’s of data and store it cost-effectively for decades?

Taming Unstructured Data Sprawl – How Quantum Can Help

This “unstructured data sprawl” is THE EMERGING PROBLEM that many CIOs and large enterprises are dealing with and Quantum can help through our solution-building expertise and a portfolio of object storage and archive solutions . We’ve been dealing with these datasets for years, we understand how to classify the data, how to work with it when you need it, and store it safely when you are not actively working with it. We’ve built some of the largest archives in the world and we can help you. 

If you are dealing with unstructured data sprawl, give us a call and our experts will help you solve your complex unstructured data needs. We also encourage you to schedule a virtual briefing in our Quantum Executive Briefing Center (EBC), where we assemble our solution experts and best engineers and have a discovery session about your needs. Visit our Quantum EBC page to schedule your visit.

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