Announcing the H4000 with StorNext 7 – Fast, Collaborative Production Just Got Easier

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If the new pace of production and sheer sprawl of content and unstructured data that you need to manage, organize, and protect seems overwhelming – you’ll be glad to know that big help–in a small package–is on the way. 

The Full Capabilities of StorNext Platform – Now Fits in Only 2U 

Today, we’re pleased to announce the newest, fastest StorNext ever on a converged appliance from Quantum. Together, StorNext 7 on the new H4000 appliance  deliver a complete StorNext environment that fits in only 2 rack units. And when you can place the full capabilities of StorNext, the world’s fastest collaborative, shared file platform in more places than ever before, it will change how and where you think about your critical workflows. 

Take Your Solutions to the Edge – Move More of the Studio to the Set 

By converging all of the capabilities of StorNext , the world’s fastest collaborative, shared file platform into a single appliance, you can get racked and running in minutes whether you’re adopting StorNext for the first time or adding more power and capability quickly to your existing environment: 

  • Bringing Your Entire Team Together Just Got Easier: Make the leap to a unified, end-to-end workflow for a new level of efficiency and faster time to delivery. 
  • Adding New Teams and Projects Anywhere Just Got Easier: Extend your existing StorNext environment quickly to a new office or for a new project without complex infrastructure buildout. 
  • Analysis and Insight at the Edge Just Got Easier: Move high-performance analysis and critical solutions closer to the point of capture for faster insight and action.
  • Bringing Post to Set Just Got Easier: Bring post-production to the set – from ingest, to pre-visualization, to rough cuts.  

The new H4000 truly lets StorNext 7 – and your workflow fly: 

  • Ultrafast end-to-end architecture on PCIe 4 and the latest multi-core processors. 
  • New unified interface to manage the entire StorNext environment and the H4000.
  • Converged architecture to deliver all of the capabilities and services of StorNext. 
  • Flexible storage options to deliver 12 or 24 bays of storage and up to 160 TB or 307 TB. 
  • Flexible connection options to deliver your optimum mix of network and connection technologies including 100 Gb Ethernet and 32 Gb Fibre Channel.  

Join Our Live Talk on May 18! 

We’ll be taking you through all the features and all the ways you can get the most from StorNext 7 on the H4000 – join us here .

Until then, you can read more H4000 Series details here  or contact  your Quantum representative or Value-Added Reseller to review your workflow. 

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