Announcing Availability of LTO-9 Tape Drives in Enterprise and Midrange Tape Systems

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Today, Quantum announces the availability of LTO-9 tape drives in its flagship enterprise and midrange tape systems, the Scalar i6000 and Scalar i6. LTO-9 tape drives are now also available for purchase in the Scalar i500 tape systems . LTO-9 tape drives support both LTO-8 media, as well as LTO-9 media, with each tape holding 18 TB of native capacity, and up to 45 TB of compressed capacity. The drives have improved performance with native performance of up to 400 MB / sec. 

Tape in the 2021 Environment

So, why is tape needed in your environment in 2021? The simple answer is ransomware and the growth of unstructured data. Ransomware has evolved from an unintelligent attack aimed at disrupting your business, to a relentless, targeted, sophisticated AI-driven machine that seeks to encrypt and delete your backups to obtain hundreds of thousands in ransom. To meet the heavy demands of our current cyber climate and that of video and other forms of unstructured data, tape provides the assurance that a copy of your data will be available when needed. Tape has an inherent nature to airgap data and is the lowest cost solution for your long-term ‘cold’ storage. An offline copy is critical as an insurance policy should your online copies be compromised. Today, there isn’t technology available that can stop ransomware from attacking your organization, but we can help you prevent you from gaining a foothold. We know your reputation, customers, and their trust are important to you.

Data Growth and Unrelentless Cyber Threats

We understand data is invaluable and we see its exponential climb to stratospheric proportions, but how are you going to store the massive amounts of data being created, because it must be stored and protected (sometimes forever) from cyber threats and other forms of threats without breaking the bank. Quantum LTO-9 Tape is designed to meet the demands of the modern data center. From storing edge and AI-driven analytical data to media and entertainment content and long-term cold storage.  LTO protects your data from the onslaught of ransomware and future proofs your growing deep archives.  LTO tape has a strong history of protecting data and continues to show a solid roadmap to reach greater capacities and performance and be a strong partner in your DR strategy.

The future of LTO looks a lot denser as the innovation continues to provide a cost-efficient solution over alternative solutions that is also cyber resilient. For example, tape has major cost advantages over HDD in terms of $/GB. The capacity of tape can be increased mainly by areal density, the same as with disk, but tape can increase its length, unlike disk, which has reached its maximum platter count. Add to this, its inherent ability to form a natural airgap for securing your data, and the capacities it can store, LTO tape can address the need for an economical off-line solution.

Implement LTO-9 into Your Long-Term Storage Strategy

To learn how you can implement Quantum LTO-9 tape technology for your long-term storage or if you’re on a journey to implement cyber resilient solutions, please check out how we help here .

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