A Super Week with Supermicro – Plus, Supermicro Open Storage Summit – July 27-29

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Last week, we announced an exciting new collaboration with Supermicro,  the world’s fastest growing IT company. I am sure you know Supermicro for its high efficiency servers, storage, and networking products. That’s part of the story, but not all. Here at Quantum, the big news is that ActiveScale Object Storage Software 6.0 is now available through Supermicro, its resellers and system integrators on a worldwide basis. This is the first time ever that ActiveScale software has been offered as a software-only solution available on qualified Supermicro hardware platforms. 


ActiveScale 6.0 object storage software is an S3-compatible, feature-rich, scale-out system known for its robustness in support of backup, active archiving, and long-term retention use cases. You often see ActiveScale solutions wherever there is lots of data. Think genomic research centers, video production, IoT, and deep-learning app environments. 

With ActiveScale 6.0, scalability is unlimited. By adding additional scale-out nodes, organizations can seamlessly expand capacity, performance, and object count without compromising data durability, security, and availability. Dynamic Data Placement, a key ActiveScale feature, distributes data processing across all system resources using real-time heuristics to balance I/O workloads as the system scales. This prevents hotspots and the need for rebalancing that is an object storage system killer, inherent in many system designs that employ static or deterministic data layout policies. ActiveScale is built for scale, not only with respect to performance, but moreover, to ensure that all the data, from terabytes to exabytes, is always accessible, and is securely and reliably maintained throughout its lifecycle that can extend to years or decades. 

The first Supermicro ActiveScale solution employs a Supermicro SuperStorage 4U90 server , a high density, high capacity dual-server configuration with 90 drives per chassis. You can stack 9 chassis in a standard (1.2m depth) data center rack for a total raw capacity of 14.6 petabytes and 30 billion objects Expand further by adding additional racks and chassis for unlimited scalability. For more details on the total solution, check out the reference architecture on the Supermicro website. 


SuperStorage 6049SP-DE1CR90 

Attend Supermicro Open Storage Summit  – July 27-29. Quantum will be there! 

Quantum will be participating in Supermicro’s annual event along with Intel, Nutanix, WekaIO, RedHat, and others. Join us on Day 2 (July 28) for a day dedicated to ‘Cloud-Enabled Software Defined Storage.’   

Frederik De Schrijver, Quantum’s ActiveScale Product Lead, is participating in a panel discussion led by IDC’s Eric Burgener, followed by a presentation with Supermicro’s Paul McLeod, Director of System Product Management, on the topic of “Software-Defined Durability, Protection and Availability at Massive Scale,”  discussing some of the key lessons Frederik has learned in designing software systems for massive scale.   

Frederik is a pioneer of object storage, scalable systems, and software-defined architectures with 15 patents in the field. Originally, ActiveScale’s founding architect, Frederik now leads strategy, engineering, and development for ActiveScale Object Storage and cold storage products. 

To learn more about ActiveScale and the application of object storage to your environment, visit quantum.com/object-storage

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