It is been a long time coming. Two full days of sessions with our valued customers and those interested in our solutions. We’re excited to be hosting VirtualQ I Protect & Archive , a virtual event featuring live keynotes, educational sessions, and technology demonstrations, from June 9-10, 2020. Over the course of two days, we will present on the latest data protection and business continuity developments, as well as host virtual sessions featuring subject-matter experts and technology partners, including Veeam and WekaIO and we hope you can join us!

During this time, you can plan to learn about protecting and preserving your most critical data including:

  • Preparing for a future where 80% of data is unstructured
  • Best practices for backing up and managing immense amounts of data
  • Machine learning at scale (with WekaIO)
  • The role of object storage within Enterprise IT
  • Tactics to protect data from ransomware and cyber threats
  • The latest innovations to come from Quantum’s partnership with Veeam

With all these relevant topics, even during a pandemic like the one we are living through right now, data keeps growing. And there is no better way to face the future where 80% of data is unstructured than preparing for it. Though we stopped going to the office, we have not stopped creating data and, even more so, now that we are working remotely, these end points are creating data at immense speeds and in more ways than one. What is the silver lining in all this? It is driving our engineers to create new technology and enhancing our solutions to perform and deliver on our customer’s needs. The more we are pressed, the more innovation is squeezed out to improve our solutions and services. We are excited to share the latest with you during these sessions.

So, what is Quantum doing to help you? We are innovating. We are adding advanced features that will enable you to securely protect and archive your data cost-effectively whether you chose disk, tape, or object storage. We are driving with performance. Have you checked out the latest performance numbers on our flagship DXi backup appliance? We are also integrating tightly with our technology partners such as WekaIO and Veeam to meet or exceed your service level agreements (SLA’s). The discussion around object store is always an interesting one as organizations are still learning to navigate the murky waters of the cloud, given some of those hidden fees, security hazards, and how it is really meant to be used so that it doesn’t break the bank. Finally, we will discuss the latest ransomware tactics leveraged by criminals and why they are after your backup infrastructure. This and much more, and we hope you can join us.

Register Now. You can register for our virtual sessions at VirtualQ I Protect & Archive .

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