3 Tips From Global Companies Doing Enterprise Video Right

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Many companies have explored how enterprise video can improve communication and employee engagement. However, there are some organizations that have gone above and beyond to truly maximize the medium. These companies have implemented video at critical transition points in their company’s history, relied on video to better connect their growing global workforce and used video to enhance their culture.

Their results reveal the importance of combining a commitment to high-quality enterprise video with the right technology and a little out-the-box thinking. And their innovations offer some lessons for other global companies wanting to get more from their video efforts.

Here are three key tips we’ve gleaned from companies who do enterprise video right.

1. Empower employees to create their own content.

Video is a powerful medium—and finding ways to allow more of your employees to create and participate in video can benefit your entire organization. That was the case for KBC Group, a financial services company headquartered in Belgium. KBC had long tapped into the power of enterprise video to engage with its thousands of employees. In fact, nearly 20 years ago, the financial services company produced its own videos and then sent VHS tapes to its staff across the country. Following the financial crisis of 2008, KBC’s leadership wanted to find new ways to re-engage its workforce and transform them into brand advocates.

Naturally, they turned to video. The company’s first step was to implement Kollective’s video distribution platform, which improved the delivery speed and quality of the company’s video content to all employees regardless of where they were located. The audio-visual team then empowered the staff to create their own videos, in addition to what the team was producing for the C-suite.

KBC employees have embraced the opportunity and produce their own video statements, presentations, slideshow recordings and ‘DIY’ training sessions for their colleagues. The results of opening up the video production process have been nothing short of impressive. The number of videos on the company’s platform and viewers grew significantly, communication, both top-down and bottom-up, improved and KBC employees increased their engagement and productivity .

2. Take advantage of video to help build culture.

Video certainly helps improve communication, but can it also improve culture? NXP Semiconductors thinks so. In 2015, the company acquired Freescale Semiconductor and expanded its workforce to 30,000 people around the world. NXP’s leadership knew that the merger would prompt a lot of questions from employees about the company, its future and their jobs—and they didn’t want to rely on emails and word-of-mouth information to provide the answers.

Instead, the company leaned into video communications, with a little help from Kollective’s enterprise video solution. NXP produced multiple executive events , giving employees the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with the leadership—even if they were half-way around the world. The briefings helped communicate company performance, goals, and other important information.

NXP now runs at least 15 executive updates each year, and the leadership credits the strategy with helping employees transition through the merger. “These quarterly updates have been an important part of cementing employee commitment and uniting the team for business growth,” says Zohab Qazi, IT Collaboration Services Manager at NXP Semiconductors.

3. Use video to tear down information silos.

As global companies grow, they can often unintentionally develop communication silos. SNC-Lavalin experienced this after a series of mergers and acquisitions expanded the engineering services company’s workforce to more than 35,000. Video provided a way to tear down these communication barriers and easily connect employees around the world. The company partnered with Kollective to more easily distribute its video to its multiple locations.

With the right tech in place, SNC-Lavalin’s video initiatives took off . The company established a Project Excellence Center as a hub for employee-generated videos that relay technical and engineering information. They also launched a campaign aimed at highlighting the company’s great work and culture. More than 200 employees submitted videos as part of the project.

Several years later, the company now relies on video to keep the lines of communication open between its more than 300 offices. And the communication team at SNC-Lavalin continues to find ways to use video to transfer vital information, from professional development trainings to connecting the executives to employees.

Those who embark on an enterprise video program undoubtedly want to succeed. Take a page from the playbook of these leading organizations, and you’ll find new ways to maximize the benefits of video for your organization.



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