Once a year, a holiday that calls to mind all we have to be grateful for rolls around. And every year, we think of you–the clients and customers who make our work possible. We also think of pie. This year, we’re sharing 10 emotions of Thanksgiving week (with a little help from Will Ferrell gifs).

10 emotions of Thanksgiving Week


On Monday, with a short workweek ahead and the comforting knowledge that nobody’s calling a meeting on Wednesday.


On Tuesday, when we realize that if the year keeps going at this speed, 2023 is basically tomorrow.


As we strategize our meal–knowing we need to leave room for Aunt Ida’s corn soufflé and Grandma’s cookies with the “secret” ingredient (everybody knows it’s almond extract).


When we try to decide which treats to bake, consume, or skip altogether.


When the conversation inevitably turns to politics and we have to decide whether to body slam Aunt Ida or hand her a drink and gracefully change the subject.


When we eat the first, middle, and last pieces of pumpkin pie and then opt to plop down in front of the football game.


Did someone say stretchy pants?


When you’ve baked and stirred and whisked everything under the sun and you still have a dozen dishes to go.


For family, friends, and love (hopefully).


When it’s finally Thursday and for the first time all year, nobody’s in a hurry.


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