Below is a roundup of resources on the recent hot employment topics, including those touched on by President Biden in his State of the Union. While we know a possible recession and inflation is on people’s minds as well, these are the topics we’re hearing most about on the employment side of things.

Roundup of 5 Buzzy Employment Topics

  1. Pay Transparency: This article gives an overview of each state’s laws and what they mean for employers.
  2. New State Minimum Wage: This article outlines which states have new minimum wages, what states will be changing rates in the coming years, and the history/implications of these rates.
  3. Pregnancy-Related Protections: This article  gives a great overview of the PUMP Act, PWFA, and other pregnancy-related laws.
  4. State Family Leave: Colorado is among the states with new Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Obligations and this post covers other new developments in paid leave for 2023.
  5. Green Card Updates: President Biden addressed immigration reform in general, which is a broader topic, but knowing what to do with document updates is an immediate need.

The Bottom Line

Stay ahead of the game on changes to stay compliant and keep your company in good legal standing. If you don’t have an internal department in position to do this, it’s a smart business move to outsource to someone that does. If you think your business could benefit, let’s chat !



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