Video is the backbone of the strongest business continuity plans.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the continued stay at home orders much of the world is still experiencing has created extraordinary challenges for businesses of all kinds. With varying degrees of readiness, enterprises around the world have had to quickly transition to a remote workforce and find ways to continue to be productive with little to no contact with employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers. For companies that were prepared, video was a major reason why.
We partnered with research firm YouGov to conduct a survey of over 800 senior decision-makers from companies with 500 or more employees across the US, UK, India, and Japan. We wanted to share insights from the industry that we are seeing, and how organizations are using video to navigate the current crisis and build a strategy to ensure continuity in the future.
According to our research Executive Outreach is one of the top ways we are seeing video used for business continuity. Employees look to the organization’s leaders to provide clarity, guidance, and direction on how the organization will work remotely. Video allows leadership to communicate with a greater degree of empathy, reassurance, and authority that you can not get with text. Video gives them a secure platform to provide company updates, progress reports, and sometimes even have a little fun.
Training has become increasingly difficult with organizations working remotely and travel restrictions still in place. Sales teams are used to in-person training, new hires normally head to headquarters to start their new adventure, however, organizations have had to make the shift to virtual training. Using video to train employees, partners or customers not only provides a sense of consistency, but it also assures that everyone is getting the same message with that training available to be used over and over again, which can help save travel costs in the long run.
External Marketing is a way to educate your customers, prospects, and the community where your organization stands in a time of uncertainty. According to our recent YouGov research, 74.4% of global organizations say they are using video more to engage with customers. Video enables businesses to stay connected not only through websites and social media but also eases the transition from in-person events to immersive virtual experiences. With immersive virtual experiences, company’s can demo new products, share company news, feature customer testimonials, and even have headline keynote speakers, all while reaching an even wider audience than intended with an in-person event. Video generates more leads, improves conversation rates, and provides data that is not available with text on a page. With video, all things are possible to stay connected with customers and the community.
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