Media publishers are striving for audience eyeballs in an increasingly fragmented and competitive landscape. With countless broadcast channels and OTT streaming services, launching an additional audience destination requires a dedicated purpose and strong user experience. On top of this, publishers are also fighting against the increasing demands of tight time frames and limited resources. Case in point, Your Money , a partnership between Australia’s Channel Nine and Sky News.

Launched on the 1st of October 2018, Your Money has found its place amongst aspirational Australians with a mission to help that audience grow, protect and enjoy their wealth. Working with partners such as Brightcove and the human-centred development and design agency Sitback , the Your Money team made use of best of breed technology and, within a timeline of eight weeks, created a fully responsive video-first digital destination to achieve this mission.

Leveraging Brightcove’s WordPress plugin to integrate video into the publishing workflow allowed the teams at Sitback and Your Money to save valuable time and resources. It allowed them to focus efforts on customisations central to the requirement of a strong user experience . Brightcove’s high-performance, cross-platform, HTML5-first video player , which powers Your Money’s online video, provides viewers with a quick and smooth experience regardless of the destination. And the implementation of simulcast live means viewers are able to consume the content where and when they like, whether that be via broadcast or online.

Ultimately, we expect to see more audience focused platforms launch over the next 12-18 months. And if content owners are willing to invest in making the end-user experience best in class, much like Your Money, they’ll be here to stay. Why? Because with special interest topics and an engaged audience comes the ability to monetise—the key to success of every media business.

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