Transform Public Sector Employee Engagement with Video

by Sep 15, 2020Brightcove, CMMA Blog0 comments

Now more than ever, effective employee communication is critical to new ways of working. Driven by digital transformation, geographically dispersed teams, and the ever-increasing need to be collaborative, Government departments are embracing technologies to connect, engage, and communicate within and across agencies.

So how can you communicate in a clear, consistent, and engaging way? Video. As a preferred channel for communications, video is a cost-effective way to engage and unify teams and deliver communications that are sure to delight.


The Public Sector is competing in a contested market for talent, and attracting and retaining the right employees is vital. Delivering a premium onboarding experience is a significant first step in the process, and video empowers you to create engaging experiences in a personal and cost-effective manner.

Videos that make your onboarding experience unique include:

Welcome videos: Deliver your agency’s mission and purpose, share insights from employees on the department’s culture, and showcase the values of the agency.

Policies and procedures: Whether it’s how to use IT systems, department security policies, or even how to use the coffee machine, video is a great way to showcase the learning tools needed to get new employees up and running.

Department overviews: Create videos that showcase the key department stakeholders, and what their role and responsibilities are within the agency.

No matter which type of videos you choose to develop, be sure to connect and engage employees at the beginning of their time with your organization.


Learning new skills is an essential part of career development, but it can be challenging to deliver training in a consistent and timely way. By creating on-demand videos, employees can undertake self-paced learning to develop new skill sets. Instructional videos are also a great way to create interest and inform on topics that might be less interesting if delivered in other formats. Video is also a great way to educate employees around new agency updates, news, and other critical department communications. It is an ideal way to knowledge-share across a wide-reaching audience.


Video as a means of communication is a great way to entertain and delight, and this is never more evident that in its ability to engage. Yet to keep engagement high, you need to provide a constant stream of communications and ensure that your messages are relevant and digestible. Video forms an ideal way to measure engagement, as video views, time watched, and other metrics are available to assess participation and the value of the content.

Now, more than ever, you need an effective way to inform, engage, and inspire employees—and transform your internal communications, and video is the tool organizations need to stay ahead of the curve.

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