Transform How You Deliver Software With Kollective For ConfigMgr

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A little over a year ago, deep down in the Kollective labs, we set off on a journey. A journey to add additional use cases to our world leading, cloud based, network optimised peering solution for enterprises. Another massive event happened around the same time – my first son was born. Watching him grown and develop, from crawling to walking bears some synergies to the development of our ConfigMgr solution. Initially, we set off to develop our integration into ConfigMgr with basic functionality; we started our journey crawling. Today, we are releasing our most mature product: Kollective for ConfigMgr – #K4CM which is truly an enterprise-ready solution. It’s been a real labour of love.

Get Current & Stay Current

Kollective has been delivering world-class leading-edge video distribution within the Enterprise space for almost 18 years, and now we have leveraged that very same technology to solve the rising and present challenge of delivering content via our direct integration into #MSFT #ConfigMgr. So why? Well… the demand on Enterprises to get current and stay current is more relevant today than it has ever been. Due to the multitude of threats facing organisations, the need to remain up-to-date is critical, and often the most challenging areas to maintain are those situated at the edge of your network infrastructure in those remote and often poorly connected sites. Secondly, the introduction of the as-a-service model has changed the approach that organisations must take for maintaining their software environment. The most obvious of these is the current adoption of Win10 and with it the need to maintain the cadence of the ongoing servicing model.

A Solution Based on Market Needs

Kollective has taken an intelligent approach to solving this challenge by building a solution based upon real life deployment experience and the challenges it presents. By putting our solutions into the hands of our trusted customers we have been able to gain a true measurement of our performance and most importantly build a solution around what the market needs, not just what we think it needs. We’ve achieved this by listening to our customers through the business vertical, so that we integrate a solution which produces productivity gains for all the players.

  • For system administrators, we enable them to deploy content at a scale which cannot be matched with today’s current ConfigMgr infrastructure. Kollective for ConfigMgr reduces the load and bandwidth on the WAN infrastructure which is often strained during these huge deployment events.
  • For infrastructure managers and architects, we simplify your existing environment by reducing your on-premise server environment, and promote a cloud-first adoption strategy, enabling you to service and meet the needs of a modern mobile workforce.
  • For CIO’s and those with budgetary and commercial responsibilities, the simplification and productivity gains aren’t just intangible benefits. The shift from distribution points to a cloud-based solution can equate to significant real-world cost savings and productivity gains.

Most importantly, Kollective for ConfigMgr delivers a world class user experience to your workforce, reducing frustration and support calls, whilst delivering software content on an ‘on-demand’ basis to where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Simple Deployment & Adoption

I sure some of you readers have experienced the perpetual never ending software delivery project. By the time a hardware solution is deployed, using traditional hardware solutions, it’s already time to update the outdated hardware and therefore the project seems to enter a never-ending loop.

Kollective’s intelligent peering solution is linked to our cloud infrastructure, resulting in the most streamlined deployment and adoption. We are 100% software, so there is no complex hardware to procure and implement, and we can be simply installed onto any system within an organisation (often within days) reducing costly and time-consuming project lifecycles. Enterprises with K4CM can begin to benefit from our optimisations almost immediately.

The Next Destination

Just as the development of my son will continue to move onto the next stage of his journey, the same is also true for our #K4CM. We are planning some great additions and features in the coming months, so watch this space. If you feel that this might be a juncture that you’ve arrived at or are fast approaching, and you need to evaluate and understand what the impact will be for meeting the demands for frequent ongoing software deployments to stay current in a distributed or remote network environment, then look to us. With a simple, easy to implement and scalable solution, Kollective for ConfigMgr addresses the demands of today’s often overly congested networks and offers a strategic solution for future proofing all of your deployment needs going forwards.


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