IBC in Amsterdam has come and gone, but I want to share a few of the top trends from the conference that I uncovered during my time there. IBC 2019 wasn’t, as they say, my first rodeo. I’ve been going to IBC for years. But, this year, there was a different feel about the show.

We’re deep into the OTT evolution and that made a difference in the panels, the topics for presentations, even the mix of exhibitors and what they were highlighting. For the past several shows, the big question has always been: “If I need to get my content online, how do I do it?”

Now, as the evolution becomes a revolution driven by consumers, very few broadcasters question whether they need to go online. Now, they want to know how they can get directly to the consumer over-the-top, and how quickly they can get there. The basic equation has really changed.

Watch my video above to see the top tech trends to come out of the conference, along with how attitudes toward content and consumers have changed. Then, download my Global Video Index for an in-depth look at the streaming landscape.

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