From knowing what to wear on camera to creating your very own in-home recording studio, there are lots to know these days about making videos at home. Let the experts at Brightcove give you more confidence and control with our brand-new series called “Shoot to Impress.”

Pinstripes prohibited

Tight patterns like pinstripes or herringbone don’t do you any favors, causing the camera to create a “buzzing” effect on you, which is not good.

Unless, of course, you’re selling beekeeper supplies.   

Solids are solid

Open your closet and find a nice solid color to wear. And remember, because most of us are filmed from the waist up, you will likely only need the top part of your outfit.

See? We’re already saving you money on dry cleaning.

Skip the wallpaper

Unless your uncle owns a wallpaper store, you really want to avoid any fancy coverings in your home recording studio. Look for something like a painted dark grey, in a matte finish, which will avoid any kind of reflections that can cause issues with the camera. 

Avoid echo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-s.

Putting a few simple sound-absorbing blankets in your home studio, along with a carpet and maybe a couch. Maybe even some ceiling tiles, as well. This will dampen any echoes and give your videos a clean, professional sound. 

As you know, just about everybody is being asked to appear on video these days, so you’re expected to look good and sound good. With each episode of “Shoot to Impress,” we’ll give you the know-how you need to make a video that shows that you’re serious about making a good impression. Watch Episode 5 What (Not) To Wear” and Episode 8 “Home Studio Setup” by clicking below. To see the complete set of episodes, subscribe now for free to PLAY TV

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