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Welcome to another entry of ‘This Week at the Q’!

  1. It’s been a great week talking about the benefits of StorNext, including with a customer in healthcare using StorNext for radiology and imaging. They need the high performance it provides so that multiple researchers can access the data at the same time, with support for many different platforms running different applications.  They also integrated a tape archive to be able to preserve and protect their MRI image data for the long term, so it can be analyzed and studied again in the future. We’ve been adding these healthcare and genomics customer case studies to our website. Learn more about these, and StorNext, here
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2. Studio FAMU , the fifth-oldest film school in the world, recently spent some time with us to share how they offer extensive film production and post-production resources to support a world-class TV and film education. To provide the data storage required for coursework and film projects from the school’s 500 students, the studio implemented Quantum StorNext and a tape archive. The platform delivers scalable storage with simple, remote access to files. An integrated Quantum tape library allows for long-term preservation of student work. Remote access to work proved to be especially beneficial when COVID-19 reached Europe. “We’ve been very happy to have the Quantum solution during this challenging time. With Quantum StorNext, it’s very easy to share anything with students, professors, and other organizations—wherever they are in the world.”

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3. Speaking of archival video, I love the creativity of this new commercial and the amazing editing that went into repurposing this archival footage. Great to see a Quantum customer involved in its creation!

4. Great coverage in StorageNewsletter this week of our new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Earlier this year, we announced the use of Scalar Active Vault to move tapes into an offline vault within a library for ransomware protection. Deploying tape with Active Vault protects against ransomware, and can be combined with tape’s other capabilities that make it very secure – AES 256-bit encryption, and Write Once Read Many (WORM) media for immutability. Following up on customer feedback, we’ve now added MFA to our Scalar i3 and i6 tape libraries, to provide another layer of secure protection for critical data.

5. Last week I shared our news that Quantum is honored to add our voice to the Active Archive Alliance, a community focused on addressing customer needs to retain and manage large unstructured data sets. Check out this recent blog from Mark Pastor to understand more about why we’re passionate about joining this Alliance.

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