Welcome to another entry of ‘This Week at the Q’. I always enjoy wrapping up the week sharing our Top 5 happenings, and when I pull it together I’m always surprised by how much the week brought!

  1. Unstructured data is expected to grow threefold by 2024, but regardless of the specific growth number we know from our customers that handling unstructured data is something we’re all dealing with. The challenge is not just about capacity, but also management, accessibility, protection and archiving. This new article, published in online magazine Digital Media World, talks about object storage for the practical, durable, scalable archive of video assets: “Object Storage -Managing Video Data for M&E Workflows”. Not in the media and entertainment industry? Video is a key form of unstructured data – it’s still worth a read!

2. We really enjoyed talking with Veeam customers at the recent VeeamON 2020! Check out this new blog, “Quantum and Veeam V10: A Perspective from VeeamON 2020” , highlighting some of our conversations around ransomware protection, maximizing the availability of production systems, and achieving 3-2-1-1 data protection.

Quantum and Veeam: A One Vendor Approach

3. Our blog series on remote work continues, and in this week’s What Does your Remote World Look Like” , Jessica Iler highlights the many advantages of a decentralized workforce, and discusses better use of available technologies.

4. Quantum Ransomware Protection Packs include all the hardware and software needed to protect and secure data from ransomware and other cyber-threats. Learn more in our new brochure (as always, your local Quantum team can provide regional implementation info), with more details on how tape storage is your best last line of defense on our ransomware protection web page – cyber criminals can’t hold for ransom what they can’t access over the network.

5. It’s always fun working with our customers – but double the fun when we’re working with both a good partner and customer! So I really enjoyed seeing this social post from our partner Chesapeake Systems this week.

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