As retailers like you start opening their stores across the country, they face a new challenge… how best to assure your customers and employees that you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect them from COVID-19?   

Clearly, in-store signage is a critical component of this communication strategy, but given the dynamic nature of the situation, paper signs do not offer the flexibility required.  This is a perfect example of where digital signage can not only improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications but can also mitigate business risks. 

In approaching this new and unusual situation, you need to consider several factors… 

  1. Different markets have had different experiences with the pandemic, and this may call for different types of messaging  
  1. Certain states and cities have imposed legal requirements that need to be reflected in your messaging 
  1. Your policies may change over time, and you need to be able to change your messaging accordingly – possibly with very short notice 

Of course, just having digital signs in your stores doesn’t fully address these issues.  You need a way to create compelling content and distribute it to the right stores in a timely manner.  Having a capable digital signage Managed Service Provider with a skilled in-house Creative Agency that can produce on-message content and distribute it quickly and reliably will ensure that you’re able to successfully address these and other changes in the marketplace.  

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