The Key to Exceptional Leadership

by Jun 6, 2017CMMA Blog0 comments

“Leadership is a bridge. A way to connect people.” Speaking at a recent Communications Media Management Association meeting, Dr. John McManus, CIO of Watermaker Estate Management Services, LLC, shared his belief that focused leadership is critical to every manager’s success. In short, McManus said, people respect true leaders. “If you treat your team with respect and deal with problems clearly and professionally, you will be respected.”

The key to exceptional leadership is responsibility, accountability and authority. Each team member needs to have clearly defined responsibilities. They need to understand the authority they have to act independently and they need to know what their accountability is. “As the leader,” says McManus, “you must hold people accountable for both the work they do and the behaviors they practice.”

McManus cautions that you are only as strong as the team you lead. “Don’t pick clones of yourself, value diversity of thought and opinion.” Importantly, “model the behaviors you want your team to exhibit.”

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