The Importance of Connecting Video Data to your Marketing Automation Platform

by Dec 16, 2021CMMA Blog, https://www.brightcove.com/en/blog/digital-marketing0 comments

Year over year we continue to see an increase in video usage within marketing campaigns, in fact according to eMarketer 87% of Marketers worldwide use video as a marketing tool, this is up 6% from 2018.  However, most companies are still manually managing their video data, rather than connecting to their marketing automation platforms.
Why should you Automate?
When using an online video platform, like Brightcove, if you are not connecting it to your Marketing Automation Platform every email that drives to a video landing page, you will manually need to pull the data and then tie it all together to get a sense of exactly who is watching.
Since video is proven to be the most engaging and effective form of communication, ensuring that you capture all the engagement details around who is watching what video is vital to the success of your marketing campaigns. Brightcove uses our own analytics and tracking tools to tie the metrics of our video campaigns, into our Marketing Automation Platform which then feeds that information into Salesforce. These connections mean that we can track viewer activity without gating any of our video content, helping improve our users experience and driving more leads to sales. In addition, being able to see the increased visibility into our video engagement metrics, helps our creative team learn what types of videos are most effective, so they can help optimize existing content and improve future content creation for optimal campaign conversions.
Connecting to your Marketing Automation Platform, you can capitalize even more on the power of video. When your stack works together seamlessly, your sales team gets leads that they can follow up with—or your leads can enter an automated nurture track (yes, more automation!). So my question is, have you connected Brightcove to your Marketing Automation Platform? If not, there is still time! We have out of the box integrations with the top Marketing Automation including Salesforce Pardot.
See how Brightcove Campaign can connect to video marketing automation platforms and take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

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