Summer Reading: 5 Tips for generating must-see webinars

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The Summer Playlist series is smoldering hot and well underway . To accompany today’s best webinar tracks, we’ve put together a summer reading list for you to peruse at your pleasure.

So, go ahead and brush up on program planning basics, browse demand-gen tactics, consume some engagement-focused content. Our summer reading list is produced for your leisure.

Our first summer reading list, based on today’s event, “Creating Must-See Webinars: How to Attract, Engage and Retain your Audience, ” covers, well, how to attract, engage and retain audience members.

It’s not as easy as it sounds! As Jeremy Collins, BrightEdge’s Director of Digital Marketing can attest, building and maintaining an audience is a full-time job. But there are a few tricks and tips to you can deploy for great effect.

Build out your personas

It’s no secret personas are critical marketing tools, but using them as a master resource for a webinar program is essential. Design events and programs catering to the needs of your profiles for a structured approach to your events. But don’t forget to do your persona research as well.

Promote where your audience is

Some audiences prefer different digital locales — whether that’s social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn or forums like Reddit or SpiceWorks. Research where your personas go — even if it’s only as far as Google and cater your event’s titles, SEO and ads to appeal to that environment.

Get buy-in from your experts

Check in with your resident experts — whether they’re on product, sales or your executive teams — to get their feedback on your program and buy-in. The more you help your audience with your experts, the more your trust you brand builds — and repeat viewers.

Email isn’t dead

Good email is never dead, but bad email always is. One the best sources for pulling in webinar attendees is in the inbox — so long as you cater your message to match the recipient’s persona. When you announce an event relevant to a well-defined persona, audiences respond.

Play the long game

On-demand webinars are in demand. One of BrightEdge’s key tactics is to use on-demand webinars to continue generating leads long after a live event is over. In fact, Steve Winchester, CMO of Rego Consulting, found his team’s live and on-demand webinars perform on near-peer levels — roughly 1,500 live attendees to 1,200 on-demand attendees.

Right. So you have your webinar tips and your Summer Playlist track. Now, it’s time for the reading list. Take a gander at your first webinar reading assignment for the summer:

  1. How to Build a Killer Webinar Presentation
  2. See How Twilio Boosts Webinar Attendance with Facebook and an On-Demand Strategy
  3. How to improve audience participation in your webinar
  4. 3 Things Your Audience Wants from Your Webinar

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