Stream Zoom Meetings and Webinars with Brightcove Live

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In the last few weeks, we’ve seen an unprecedented amount of organizations forced to close their physical doors and set up operations, meetings, and events in the virtual world. No surprise, video has remained a core tool for enabling these organizations to stay connected with both employees and customers. Today, we are sharing a quick tip on how to scale your Zoom meeting to hundreds of thousands of attendees , leveraging Zoom and Brightcove Live.  

With Zoom + Brightcove Video Cloud, remote and geographically dispersed speakers can join a Zoom meeting or webinar to create a multi-speaker experience, such as a company town hall or a live webinar panel discussion, that can cost-effectively scale to reach thousands or hundreds of thousands of attendees. By copying and pasting Zoom’s RTMP stream into the Brightcove Video Cloud Live module, you can securely stream the source video and capture detailed video analytics for large scale events within seconds.

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Figure: Zoom meetings and webinars with Brightcove Video Cloud

Brightcove Player and Brightcove Live 

The Brightcove Player and the Brightcove Live modules are industry-leading tools that enable you to stream your events to any device across any of your properties and simulcast them to YouTube and Facebook. 

Once connected in Video Cloud, you can take advantage of features, including: 

  • Player Customization enables you to style and customize the look and feel of the Brightcove Player leveraging Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the Brightcove Player module. 
  • Live Video Clipping allows you to create a short, teaser clip that can be posted to social media to drive views to live stream.
  • Live Event Porta l offers pre-, during, and post-event states and supports page-level ads and calls to action. 
  • Brightcove Audience provides detailed video analytics and viewer level tracking 
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) enables you to authenticate viewers and secure your video content.  

Videos from Zoom that run through Brightcove Live are automatically added to your Video Cloud media library and are immediately available for your normal production workflow. For step by step instructions on how to connect Zoom and Brightcove Video Cloud read the Host Zoom Conferences with Brightcove support article.

Happy Meeting! 

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